Monday, June 30, 2008


It was a heavenly Sabbath, the grass verdant from the rains and so many things in bloom! Our elderberry tree is in extravagant blossom and the day lilies are coming into their glory now. Mick and I took a stroll around the yard before lunch so I could see the new water lilies he got for both fish ponds and behold his new plantings – he has added to our astilbe garden and to the huechera in the cross-shaped patio area. He says ten more huechera are needed as we finish transforming that area into all-perennials. We used to plant dahlias there every year, but we are moving the whole yard’s plantings to perennials now. It is less expensive once the initial plantings are in, and it is less time-consuming to maintain them.

I awoke early today and had the time after I finished my journals to complete the read-through of 101 before breakfast. In our afternoon break time, I started working on the inside pages – title page, dedication page, table of contents and so on. What a joy to be tidying up this project! It represents two and a half years of work, almost exactly. I started the project in January 2006.

After our morning of my singing a service at St. Luke’s and Mick’s spiffing up the house, vacuuming and dusting for the week, we settled into our weekly three-movie film festival. We had a good week! Our first film was My Mom’s New Boyfriend, with Meg Ryan and Antonio Banderas in a family-film-slanted comedy-romance in which Meg plays a free spirit and Tony plays an undercover agent. They find each other in the midst of many hijinks having to do with his undercover role as a thief. It was adorable.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets took the screen next, with Nicolas Cage as an Indy Jones clone and Jon Voigt and Helen Mirren as his Mom and Dad. The action was constant and the ensemble was – well, it was also adorable. I have never seen Helen Mirren do anything but wonderful work, and she rendered a memorable supporting performance here.

The best-of-day was our third film, The Music Within. This was a remarkably enjoyable and funny film with a substantive message concerning handicapped people. Michael Sheen gave a bravura performance as a man with muscular dystrophy and Ron Livingston was excellent in his lead role as a deaf Viet Nam veteran who devoted his career to helping employers understand – and hire – the handicapped, especially handicapped vets. Ed Harris and Hector Alizondo were fine in their supporting roles.

The message of this film, based on a true story, never got in the way of the humor and drama of the piece and it garnered awards from film festivals in Palm Springs, Newport and Santa Barbara. Go see this film. And by all means, view the others as well if you like adorable films – and who doesn’t?

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


What a surprise to see Gary already hard at work when I came down to awaken Mick this morning! He is attending a music festival in the country this weekend and wanted to get some hours in at the L/L Research helm before he left. He has a summer cold and wishes he could renege on the camping trip, but two of his sisters and their boyfriends are going too, and so he feels obligated to proceed. I gave him my herbal “Wellness Formula” tablets, which help me when I have a cold. I hope they help him too.

After Morning Offering Mick cleaned the kitchen and then did a round of errands. Most importantly for the enjoyment of his mowing, he replaced his iPod, which had become comatose. Consequently he spent a good bit of the afternoon feeding it music. He also weeded the yard and made mental notes of the perennials he wants to add here and there before Homecoming.

Meanwhile I happily continued my read-through of 101. I got within 9 pages of finishing the job before Mick called bath time. Whee! It is so great to get this close to finished with this project – at least until after Ian and Steve M have both cast their expert eyes over the manuscript.

We chatted and watched Ghost on the tube as the sweet, dark night came to replace the day. The role of Oda Mae might just be Whoopi Goldberg’s funniest film stint ever – so far anyway!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


As the sun shone bright on our old Kentucky home, Mick and Gary set out after Morning Offering to dance with the lawn and garden devas of Anchorage. They came home in mid-afternoon flush with triumph. Mick spent the rest of his work day doing weekly maintenance on his ladies and gentleman mowers and other equipment. Gary finished out his day cooking, producing a turkey ready to roast, potatoes ready to bake and the realization of an asparagus recipe which I recently reworked. I am eager to taste it and see how it came out.

Meanwhile I met Bob R for a planning meeting on the October Gathering at Williamsburg. Melissa joined us, as Bob also wanted to get the details squared away on his donation of a truck to the Avalon branch of L/L Research. We worked over lunch at Lynn’s Paradise Café, a fun restaurant which I knew would tickle Bob, who greatly enjoys restaurants and loves to eat.

Mel spent the rest of her day split between finishing the painting in my bedroom and the project of changing the gardening door in the garage. My shelves and cabinets are now restored, my broken curtain is now mended and the room is just splendid! Mel also got a coat of primer on the garage's garden room door before the planning meeting and the first coat of paint on it afterwards. She spent the rest of her time working at the computer on research on her new chicks.

As for me, I continued reading through 101, getting within 50 pages of the end!

Mick and I had a most revitalizing date after our bath and then snoozed and chatted in the afterglow until suppertime, which we shared with Mel. Then we offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end, before Mel headed back to Avalon with her chicks.

Friday, June 27, 2008


We awoke to a heavily sultry day, in the 90s F and breathlessly still. Mick went through multiple changes of clothing today!

After Morning Offering I used all of my office time to read through 101. I have now perhaps one day, or two days, to finish the read-thorugh.

At lunch, Melissa and I had a planning meeting over burgers, working on Avalon issues. Bob R’s truck will be fetched by Melissa next Monday. Her brand new baby chicks are sweet and very tiny. She had them with her so that she could keep their temperature constant. She continues to work on the road after every storm. Lately she has done some refreshing of Sugar Shack’s interior, staining the floor and painting the inside walls. Now we need to find some basic pieces of furniture, like a bed, dresser, table and chairs and recliner. The furniture we have had there is falling apart after years of yeoman’s service in the un-air-conditioned country air, which is quite soggy all year round.

Melissa prepped my sleeping nook for painting in the morning and painted the nook a pretty blue with just a haze of smoky lavender that tones in perfectly with the wallpaper in the rest of the bedroom. Tomorrow I get my shelves and lamps re-hung! I’m so excited to have that nook looking pretty. It looks better than at any time since we moved in, which was in 1984.

Gary is home from his travels and reports having a great time. He stopped by to retrieve his car keys just in time to witness our power go out. Oh good! Out came the flashlights and battery-powered lamps! And Mel was just sitting down to a movie after working hard all day. Now that’s tough timing!

We enjoyed conversation and reading instead of TV. Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


As the Kentucky summer deepened and the temperature rose over 90 F, Mick set out after Morning Offering to garden in the morning and mow all afternoon. He is hardened to the heat and has a gallon bottle of water and Fierce which he freezes overnight. Then he sets it in the sun as he works and all day, he has ice-cold water fortified with the salts his body needs. He changes his shirts often and stays dry, so he has a good time out there with his music and “his ladies and gentleman”, as I call his mowers, Susie, Thetis and Fielder.

He did have a small tragedy in mid-afternoon when his iPod died. A trip to Radio Shack is first on his list for tomorrow. He truly depends on his hand-picked music to help him bounce through his working day in good cheer.

I continued my read-through of 101 all day. Another couple of days of this very careful reading and final editing on my part, and I shall have the manuscript ready to send off to Ian to run through his copy-edit macros. I am eager to finish this, as I have set other things aside in order to git-r-dun on 101. And those other things are calling to me!

It was delightful to meet up with my deva-dancer for a relaxing whirlpool and an evening of conversation and TV. I offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


After Morning Offering I spent my working day reading through the 101 manuscript. It is going well in that I am not finding anything large to change. I am still making the text simpler as I go, breaking up long sentences and correcting lapses in the person used for the narrative. I have changed a lot of “you” to “we”.

I got snarled up for a large part of the afternoon with 101's footnotes. I noticed that a footnote was not in the same font as the rest of the text and so I checked the manuscript. I had no less than three different fonts at various points in the nearly 200 footnotes. So I went through the entire manuscript, going from footnote to footnote and changing them to a standard font and point size.

It was a good thing I did this, for I discovered that in one case I had failed to give the actual reference. The footnote was there, but it was blank. I hunted for that q’uote for a good hour. I felt as though I’d discovered a new continent when I finally located it!

I have about 70 pages still to read. Then I will check with Steve M, who volunteered to read through the manuscript as a whole for me before I let go of it, and see if it is a good time to send it to him. Ian has also agreed to run the manuscript through his several editing macros to catch any copy errors. I would like for this manuscript to be clean as a whistle when I give it to Bill and Denise.

Mick worked hard all day, getting all his customers lawns mowed and their various extra jobs done in good time. One of his customers, who lives on our street, will have the brand new sewer hooked up to her house tomorrow, as will we, and she was concerned that they might destroy a new hydrangea bush in her yard, so Jim finished his day by taking some stakes and netting and putting a guard around the bush for her.

Romi visited in the evening on the eve of his 3-week vacation in Czeska. His Mom recently underwent hip replacement surgery and his brother has been with her for the last three weeks. Now it is Romi’s turn to care for her while she recuperates. Romi offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight. Bon Voyage, Ro Man!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Our spell of clement weather continues, making it more pleasant for Mick to work. After Morning Offering he set out on a particularly long work day, as until Steve F’s house in Shelbyville sells, he has promised Steve to mow his 3 acres. After he finished his regular Monday jobs, he drove the 30 minutes to Shelbyville and got Steve’s fields taken care of.

I continued reading through 101 very carefully. I am close to the halfway mark now, stopping on page 117 of the 253-page manuscript at bath time. I wrote Ian to ask if he would run the manuscript through his macros when I am through reading. He has a set of macros which clean up the usual copy errors. My footnotes are particularly in need of standardization.

Mick’s amazing! He came in over an hour late and yet wanted to keep the date he’d asked me for this morning. We had a lovely energy exchange! I often think that his generous sharing of sacred energy is a big part of why I am breathing today. I get enormous amounts of physical energy from Mick when we make love. Fortunately he says the same about receiving spiritual energy and inspiration from me.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Little rains accompanied Mick and me this morning as we arose and followed us all day. We did our cleanliness is next to godliness routine, he cleaning house and I singing the service at St. Luke’s. Then we settled down to our first of three films with lunch.

Silk, with Michael Pitt and Keira Knightley, was a sumptuously produced romance of glacial slowness and an impeccable, utterly aesthetically realized cinematography. Every shot was beautiful and many were breathtaking. However, its pace brought Mick and me quickly to the point of sleep, so we paused the movie and napped for an hour. We then viewed the rest of the film with great enjoyment. This may be number one on things you can’t do at the theater.

It was an essentially slight movie, focused on the vagaries of a man’s desire and the heartbreak of the women who love him. Why women would love such a silly fellow is a question not raised by the film. Yet it cohered to its own ethic of beauty. The music was piercingly sweet throughout, a gentle and lovely accompaniment to the piece.

The Savages, with Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman, looked at how brother and sister Savage deal with their father’s descent into dementia and then death. The ensemble between brother and sister was just excellent; that of the father and his children flat and unrealized, in part due to a meager script and in part due to the emoting of the actor playing Dad. While I disliked the film in general, I liked its ending. And certainly it is a piece dealing with events and processes with which many of us must deal at some point.

After a break, we sat down to dinner and watched our final film, The Other Boleyn Girl. This film was a treat to watch. It was well-shaped, beautifully acted by a powerful ensemble of players and featured incredibly elaborate and accurate costumes for that peacock period in the history of clothes. If you like historical films rich in political maneuvering, you’ll love this film.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I wish you a happy summer! Our first day of that sultry season was anomalous, being of low humidity and moderate in temperature. After Morning Offering, Mick went to a customer’s house to do stone work. He had worked on this family's patio last Friday, but was not happy with the results. He found that the sand he had used to make the “mud” was too finely ground, it being that kind used for children’s sandboxes. Never again shall he assume that all sand is the same! So he mixed up his old favorite QuickCrete and redid the job. It is that kind of integrity that so endears him to his customers!

I read in Chapter 3 of 101 in the morning, coming down when Mick arrived home with our Saturday treat of fast food. Then Mick worked in the yard, weeding and trimming, while I started to edit a transcript of the interview I did with Lance White, the Zany Mystic in September of 2007.

We enjoyed a whirlpool together at eventide and then supper while watching Alexander, which we had not yet seen, on the tube. What splendid and beautiful film Oliver Stone made! The spectacle was rich, varied and amazing. I was fond of the screenplay, which was literate and satisfyingly accurate. Anthony Hopkins as Aristotle narrated the piece with gentle irony. The acting was adequate and if the interaction was a bit iconic, the stars were icons themselves. They never quite rose above that to become an ensemble. Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie were beautiful to watch, however. I especially loved the highly adorned war elephants charging at the enemy!

Mick offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation and then topped off his evening by cleaning the kitchen, a chore he usually accomplishes on Saturday mornings. But today his customer came first!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


We awoke to squalls of rain, something not predicted. Mick and Gary had already agreed to start their mowing day early and it was a good thing! After an abbreviated Morning Offering they set out to dodge the raindrops, which continued all day. They were successful, primarily because the ground was dry and so there was neither ponding nor any tendency for the mown grass to clump. Gary came home in mid-afternoon to collect his sister and rendezvous with Valerie and Ocean for their camping trip to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Mick soldiered on, finishing every job and then maintaining his mowers for the week.

I felt drowsy all day and fell asleep in my chair twice. However I managed to read through Chapter 2 of 101. I continue to make very few changes, merely substituting one word for another or making one sentence into two. This book is mature. It’s a joy to see that.

I also worked with Ian a bit on creating an e-book from my teaching sessions at CI-1. There are several details that are not at all obvious. I am not sure we have it down yet! But we’re getting closer.

I complimented him on the beautiful job he has done of creating an e-book version of A Book of Days. It is up on site now. It is such a pleasure to be able to offer our readers the entire 469 Days.

Steve M wrote to ask permission to share The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues manuscript with Lorena L, who studies with Steve in the Chicago Law of One Study Group, which meets at the Theosophical Society there. This gave me a chance to thank him again for his dedication. He will be reading through the A/Q sessions on his vacation this next week and checking our session summaries as he goes. I told Steve to make Lorena a copy of the manuscript, by all means.

I sat down with Bob R’s two e-mails on the Williamsburg Gathering we are beginning to plan for October. We can only go so far, as Gary will be nailing down the details of which hotel we will use and so forth when he returns from vacation.

Bob says that he has asked George G to speak and that George is responsible for the Handbook for the New Paradigm channeling. I suggested to Bob that, once he knows for sure that George will be a part of our gathering, he give me George’s e-mail address so that I can investigate the possibility of doing a co-channeling session or two with him during the weekend. That would be fun for me. And it might appeal to George and the attendees as well.

After our bath, Mick and I came upstairs for a lovely date, talking and sharing ever more deeply until words stopped and the Creator invited us to play in His fields. it is such a blessing that this balm of Gilead exists for us. I never feel better than in our afterglow.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Mick and I awoke to another beautiful day, the temperatures just kissing 80 F and sweet, gentle breezes stirring the blooming roses and wisteria. Our trumpet vine is coming into bloom too, which always makes me wish we could marry a couple under them, in the arbor. Mike K wanted to get married there, 12 years ago now, but his bride decided she wanted to be married in church instead, so we’ve never yet married anyone surrounded by the lovely orange blossoms.

After Morning Offering Mick bade me farewell until bath time and drove off with a trailer full of mowers to do his work. I worked on the final read-through of 101 until 3:00 or so and then eased up, took a break and downshifted into editing Channeling Circle 3, a session from the make-up weekend we had in early May for those four people who had wanted to make CI-1 but could not.

It was a very interesting session, demonstrating just how effective a technique it is to tell a story when training new channels. As these channels develop and mature, I think this Channeling Circle series of sessions will be fun to follow.

I continue to be quite out of breath when moving around, and while I recover and regain my focus after moving about, I have continued to rework recipes in our recipes database. So far I have reworked the chicken, turkey, fish, white potato, rice, pasta, artichoke, asparagus, beans (not green), beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, corn and eggplant recipes. As you can see I am working with the vegetables in the same order as the database has them – alphabetically. I am currently in the midst of reworking our 33 green bean recipes.

I imagine it will take me a couple of years to rework the whole database, but by virtue of starting with the recipes we use the most, I can already see a significant difference in the quality and usefulness of the database. It feels great to find a way to make my down-time productive. I can no longer cook. Physical exertion of any kind makes me quite ill now. But I have a vivid imagination, and as I rework a recipe I am playing with the herbs, spices and ingredients and making something wonderful to eat, all in my head. It is recreation for me.

Gary and I had a powwow late in the afternoon. We got some details worked out concerning the L/L Research Gathering in Williamsburg, Virginia in October. William Henry, with whom I enjoyed working at Mackinac Island last year, will be on board again and possibly George Green, whose Handbook for the New Paradigm series I very much like, perhaps will join us also. I shall not have to work as hard as I thought, since we’ll have other speakers.

I asked Gary to get Mick set with an updated supply of our sessions for the last three years, so that Mick can select the session we feature in our next issue of Light/Lines, our quarterly newsletter. He is going on vacation for a week starting tomorrow afternoon and I wanted to get that project going before he left. Gary ended his work day by finishing his part of the work on the latest issue of Gatherings Newsletter and sending that out.

I am happy to report that the Gatherings Newsletter now has an official existence in the Bowker Periodical listings. So does Lorena’s LOOP (Law-of-One-Prisoners) Newsletter. Now L/L Research has three periodicals to offer various of its readers. That feels good. The ability of our group to be of service to others has gradually expanded through the years. May it continue to do so!

Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


We awoke to a gem of a summer’s day, warm, low in humidity and full of golden sunshine. After Morning Offering Mick departed with his trailer-full of equipment for his day of mowing, gardening and stone work.

I spent the morning finishing the editing on the CI-1 teaching session on “Making a Workroom”. It is good to have that done. Now I am only waiting for the very last session, “Tuning”, to come back from our faithful transcriber in order to finish getting that whole series ready to become an e-book, with the relevant chapters of A Channeling Handbook interspersed with the teaching sessions.

In the afternoon I wrote the beginning text for our new issue of the Gatherings Newsletter and sent it on to Gary for his additions. Gary keeps track of the various Law of One study groups around the globe. Hopefully, Gary can also flesh out my description of the upcoming L/L Research Gathering in Williamsburg in October. I know that the topic will be instructions to the ground crew for preparing for the new paradigm. Other than that, I know little!

I asked Gary how many attendees who have reserved their places for Homecoming 2008, which takes place Labor Day weekend, have sent in their proposed topics for discussion. No one has done so yet! Gary and I talked, and he will send out a reminder letter soon.

I spent the remainder of the day beginning my read-through of Living the Law of One 101: The Choice. I find myself making very few changes. This is always a good sign that the material has matured into its final shape.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This was a low-energy day for me. After Morning Offering I went to sleep in my chair and roused only in time for lunch. Melissa and I went to nearby Cheddars Restaurant for her favorite burger and my favorite country-fried steak. Then we came home and together we tackled shifting winter garments to off-season storage in the basement and moving my summer things up. I placed almost all of my jeans and dress pants in the Goodwill bag, having grown out of them all. My skirts fared better because I am a fan of one-sized Indian skirts with generously stretchy elastic waists. I am athwart sizes 14 and 16, and my jeans were size 12. Bye-bye!

I had a sliver of afternoon left in my work day after that effort was, not entirely done, but done to a good stopping place. All the winter things are moved to storage and half of my summer things have been brought upstairs. I used it by continuing to edit the session on tuning from CI-1.

Romi came to visit after Mick and I had our bath and descended for supper. He had a bite to eat with us and fixed us his patented love tea. Gary wound up his day at the L/L Research Inbox and joined us as well for conversation. Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


After Morning Offering I did my journals, since I had overslept luxuriously and missed my before-waking-up-Mick office stint. Then I wrote a note to Bob Friedman to go with our manuscript of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues and sent that in to him. This is a milestone and I was glad to see that it fell on a “seven-day”. It’s the 16th, which adds up to 7. It is a good omen! Like many people, I feel that seven is a very important number for me. For instance, I was born on 7-16-43!

I also wrote Ian concerning further questions regarding the e-version of A Book of Days. It will be very good to have the complete set of 469 Days up on line for people to use if they wish. I penned a brief introduction to both on-line versions, the print version with its 366 days, which can be printed out and used as a calendar, and the full 469 Days, arranged chronologically by the dates they were recorded. That new version should appear on site quite soon!

Brenda S sent me more information on her uncle, Pat S, one of those who were killed two years ago when their plane failed to take off at the Lexington, Kentucky airport. He was an unsung hero, working hard for Habitat for Humanity. It reminds me that I need to figure out exactly how to re-enter my article writing. I have let that sit on the back burner because I want to get A/Q and 101 finished ASAP, which means no articles yet.

Should I stay with the UPI site? Should I go off on my own? I need more information on just how much of an enlarged audience my work gets on the www.religionandspirituality site.

I knew that I was due to spend part of the afternoon seeing to the servicing of Stanley Outback, so put off starting my read-through of 101. Instead I worked on editing and got the session from CI-1 on “Visualizing Your Guidance” finished and off to the web site. Then I started on the session on “Making a Workroom”, which is the penultimate session transcript. When I finish editing it, I will only be waiting for the session on “Tuning” in order to complete that large job. Altogether it has felt a lot like editing a book, since there are ten teaching sessions and each runs in length somewhere between 14 and 25 pages. I did not get that editing finished, so I will hit it again tomorrow.

I sailed off to the Subaru dealership in late afternoon, noticing that the 17-year locust infestation is finally over. That heady roar of a chirr has been replaced by a mulch of their little exoskeletons at the base of trees and telephone poles. One can still hear the annual locusts, but their sound is not nearly so strident. And the red clover is in bloom! That makes the best honey! And the day lilies are in their glory. Stanley is in fine shape and only needed an oil change and some new plugs. He was feeling perky as we came home through the rush-hour traffic.

Mick had a personal record day at the old lawn service, accomplishing 9 jobs! What a guy! He and Gary together have done 9 jobs in a day before, but this was a solo achievement! I congratulated him, but also asked if he was feeling OK after all that work. He said he was just fine, but that he did not intend, ever, to do so much in a day. Often, customers ask for extras. When enough of them do so, it becomes a long day for Mick. In this case, one of the favors involved cutting another whole lawn!

We enjoyed a whirlpool and then a romantic tryst that was most inspiring and delightful to experience. I sank down into sleep briefly in the afterglow and then we went downstairs for supper and the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer tonight.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Mick and I had breakfast and enjoyed the Sunday paper until it was time for me to go to choir practice and then church, and for Mick to clean the house. The wheelchair makes going to services so very much easier for me! I am most grateful to be able to join in. I had to sing soprano today, and my high G was nowhere in sight. Drat! Fortunately, there was only one of those in all of the music for today! We sang an especial favorite of mine for the offertory, “He That Shall Endure to the End” from Mendelssohn's oratorio, Elijah.

We enjoyed the first of our triple feature over lunch, The Bucket List. I’d seen mixed reviews of this film, but it was an excellent, charming, funny and moving film. Morgan Freeman shone as the brainy auto mechanic who meets Jack Nicholson’s character, a crusty and self-centered entrepreneur, in the cancer section of a hospital where both men are having tumors removed from their brains. The two men decide to use some of their remaining year of life in crossing things off a list they make of things to do before they kick the bucket.

Sean Hayes turns in a nuanced, gentle performance as Nicholson’s administrative assistant. And I loved the ending. Director Rob Reiner’s sensibility was evident throughout. What a fun movie, and what great production values!

Over mid-afternoon popcorn, we enjoyed P. S. I Love You, a delightful romantic comedy which starts off with the hero’s death due to cancer – a theme today! Knowing he is going to die soon, Gerard Butler’s character writes his wife, Hilary Swank, a series of letters – hence the title of the film. As she opens each letter, the film moves towards a sweet, upbeat ending. The ensemble is solid and extensive.

I was unable to determine the name of a particularly charming woman who played one of Swank’s friends. She was plump, blonde, pert, outspoken and had a lot of screen presence. I hope those in the business agree with me and cast her in larger parts.

The production was impeccable and the sound track was very taking. I loved this film!

We had a break in late afternoon, with Mick working in the yard and running a few errands, and I doing some e-mail. I sent Jude a suggestion on the final definition in question for the Glossary of Terms in the Aaron/Q’uo manuscript.

Ian had sent a couple of questions concerning the e-version of A Book of Days, to which I responded.

Steve M sent a cc of a letter he wrote to a fellow scientist, proposing a project which is enormously intriguing, involving a physicist’s look at the connection between physics, a unified version of the creation and free will. I wrote to congratulate him on the concept and to send him my best wishes.

And lastly I wrote a fellow choir member who has had surgery, wishing her well.

Our last film of the day was The Walker, starring Woody Harrelson in his beautifully underplayed role as the eponymous walker, that term meaning a man who walks out with the ladies for a pseudo-living. He is not a gigolo but an appropriate companion for women whose influential husbands would rather their wives attend their charity and cultural events with Harrelson than have to attend themselves. Harrelson was surrounded by a wonderful ensemble – Kristin Scott Thomas, Lauren Bacall and Lily Tomlin. Their performances were delicious - smart and devastatingly accurate.

The single flaw in this gem of an art film was the glacial progress of the action. At first I liked the pace, for there was room for great detail, and each detail shone. Eventually, however, there was simply too much of a good thing for me. Perhaps I am a philistine. Perhaps the film’s screenplay was three scenes too long. You decide!

The production values were through the roof. Exquisite cinematography vied with wonderful costumes and meticulous direction for best feature. The mystery story which carried the plot forward was a good one. And the inferred comments on our political climate and culture were choice.

We really had an exceptional movie week!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


After sleeping in until after 8:00, our weekend treat, Mick and I made our Morning Offering and had a leisurely breakfast before he set out to clean the kitchen. I came upstairs and had a 90-minute conversation with Barbara B, a New York agent who specializes in representing people who are making a difference for the better on Planet Earth. She told me about her background, which is extensive and gives her a broad knowledge of every aspect of book publishing. I told her about my work. It was a delightful conversation and we both hope that we will find ways to work together.

After lunch I dealt with the half-dozen e-mails that had come in regarding the Glossary of Terms for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. The Glossary has gotten quite heavy in places due to everyone’s desire to define words thoroughly. In some cases it may be a case of TMI. It rather follows the way the material itself reads. Barbara’s definitions tend to go on for paragraph after paragraph. Mine tend to be much terser. Nevertheless, readers seeking light on what a metaphysical term means will find a generous amount of information. And the point is to serve the readers.

Jady A wrote in asking a very thoughtful couple of questions about doing tarot readings and I spent an hour or so responding. She wondered whether she might be opening herself up to negative entities as she worked, and so I wrote to her concerning tuning and asked Gary to send her A Channeling Handbook and an audio version of my talk on “Tuning”. I just gave it – for the third time – last week at CI-2, finally getting a good recording of it, so it has not yet been transcribed.

She also asked about whether she was infringing on free will when she did a reading, so I talked about prefacing all readings with the same caveat the Confederation entities use before answering questions - use the information which feels resonant to you and disregard the rest.

Then I settled in to edit the session from CI-1 on “Visualizing Your Guidance.” I got perhaps 2/3 of the way through it before Mick called bath time. He had spent his afternoon in the yard, cutting and trimming, and everything looks grand out there.

Gary manned the L/L Research helm all afternoon and into the evening and trimmed his Inbox from 49,001 e-mails down to a dozen or so, an impressive feat! He also was engaged in scanning our print of Don Quixote so that Ian can get a more satisfactory image to use for the cover of our upcoming compilation of the first 25 years of our newsletters, Light/Lines. And lastly, he ran the wiring for my office telephone behind my desk and all the filing cabinets so that I no longer trip over it.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


What a day this was! After Morning Offering I worked with Ian’s questions all day. The questions were substantive indeed. By the end of the working day I had laid out for him my thoughts on creating two new e-books for our site. One will be made up of the relevant chapters from A Channeling Handbook, plus all ten sessions of my teaching from Channeling Intensive 1.

We presently have seven of the ten sessions edited. Two other transcriptions await my editing. The tenth, which was finally recorded on our third attempt to do so just last week at Channeling Intensive 2, awaits transcription. However I imagine Gary has hustled that last transcript off to one of our best transcribers. So I have some editing to do! It will be great to have that large project finished and feel that if people want to study the channeling process, anything I know so far is there on line for them to use.

Ian also asked concerning my plans for the e-version of A Book of Days. The printed version has 366 of the 469 channelings produced during that time of research into the tuning and challenging process. The e-book version will have them all.

Ian is also hoping to get a more precise scan of the Don Quixote image which has graced my walls since college days. He needs a clearer image to use for the cover of the collected newsletters of our first 25 years of publication. I sent a tickler to Gary on that.

At the end of the day I found a round dozen e-mails from Steve M, Jude and Ba concerning The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues’ Glossary of Terms. However they were all notes of agreement to my suggestions, thank heavens. I sense that we tremble on the verge of having the manuscript ready to offer to Hampton Roads. Whee!

I wistfully look forward to getting back to my new project, 101! It is now ready for the final read-through from me. I will need to spend tomorrow catching up my e-mail, so I am hopefully targeting Monday to start that. What a pleasure that will be!

As I was closing up shop I discovered that Barbara B, an agent from New York City, would like to talk with me about the possibility of her representing me. We set up a telephone appointment for 10:00 tomorrow morning. That should be an interesting conversation!

Mick came home a bit early, having been rained out of an extra job he was planning to do for a customer, but beating the rains nicely as far as his mowing went. So he did a whole lot of maintenance, sharpened blades, changed oil and was generally efficient with his rain time. And Mick was glad to see the raindrops fall, as we do need the rain.

Gary spent the first part of his day working with Mick and then cooked next week’s recipes before departing for Valerie’s. Mick and I dined in splendid isolation and he offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

Friday, June 13, 2008


After Morning Offering, Mick set out into a very hot and humid day to dance with the lawn devas of Anchorage. I devoted my day to moving through the several e-mails concerning The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues’ Glossary of Terms. Then I read through the current version of said Glossary and found quite a few things to repair. Steve, Ba, Jude and I have labored carefully over this document and as Ba said, it will make a very interesting piece of writing, all on its own.

We agreed to hold off on sending the finished manuscript in to Hampton Roads until the Glossary is in its final form. Hopefully, that will delay us only very shortly. I am most eager to send that in to Mr. Friedman and return to the read-through of Living the Law of One 101: The Choice. This project has of necessity been laid aside due to the press of having Channeling Intensive 2 and finishing the A/Q project.

At 2:30 I drove over to Glenview Trust, glorying in the abundant red clover at the roadsides and getting lost – again – on the way. Mick and I did not want sewers. We protested and went to meetings. We have a perfectly good septic system for which we paid good money. But the city of Louisville forced them upon us and we have endured a year of noise, dust and inconvenience as they were installed. Now we must pay for them, adding insult to injury. So Sherry F kindly guided me through filling out the paperwork. The trust will now take care of the five substantial annual payments needed to retire that bill. Once again, thank you, Don! It is the inheritance I received when Don died in 1984 which became the trust.

I stopped in at Anchorage City Hall to leave the finished, notarized paperwork and met Nan, the archivist and city clerk, in person for the first time. She recalls me from anguished telephone calls when our new neighbors moved in. Mick and I were looking for ways to curb their plans to install an ugly, roughly made gravel strip laid carelessly over the grass right by our living room windows.

We failed to find legal means of redress and instead planted a thick row of screening evergreens. The neighbors in question leave all manner of debris, construction materials and garden supplies scattered along this gravel strip, of which we have a clear view from our living room windows that no firs can hide. Such is life. At any rate, it was good to meet Nan, who has been very sympathetic to our plight.

I ended the day by noting that Ian has sent a dozen e-mails on various topics related to our archive web site, all of them important to me. So it looks as though tomorrow will belong to our faithful web guy, and the read-through of 101 shall need to wait another day. Again, such is life! I see my impatience and have to laugh! The ego is tenacious! All this work is equally important. It is only ego that makes me impatient, valuing one thing over another.

I worked with Gary before bath time, agreeing to the October dates of Bob Riedel’s proposed Gathering on the New Paradigm in colonial Williamsburg. We also finalized his letter to the current Homecoming attendees.

Mick asked me for a date, and we enjoyed a delicious time of effervescent and most loving energy exchange before we came down for supper. Gary joined us after his working day was over for The Colbert Rapport and the Gaia Meditation, at which he offered the closing prayer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Scorching heat was Mick’s lot as he took off to mow and garden after Morning Offering. He is back to praying for rain, as our earth here is beginning to crack, even as areas north of here which do not need the rain get more and more!

I used every nook and cranny of my working day to respond to nine e-mails having to do with the finalization of the inside pages of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. Now that Steve has agreed to work only to improve the existing summaries of each session in our Table of Contents for now, all of the focus was on the Glossary of Terms. By the time I needed to drive Talitha to the airport, I had just enough time to finish addressing all of the remaining concerns. Dare I say that I think this may be IT?

It’s very exciting to see this manuscript take final form. Jude wrote to say that she felt sure she could send the final manuscript tomorrow sometime! She is doing all this work on top of long hours at her regular job as an engineer, where she has pulled a good deal of overtime lately. Bless you, Jude! And bless you, Ba! And bless you, Steve! It has been an intense collaboration this past couple of weeks.

On the way home from the airport, I realized that Mick and I had been with company for a solid week now. We are both ready for some alone time. It was pure heaven to have a quiet evening at home. I offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Melissa, Talitha and I had breakfast at the Auburn Inn while watching the rain bounce off the patio outside the French doors of their café. We went back to Mel’s and my room and made our Morning Offering, setting our intention to welcome and maximize the healing energy. Then we set out for Mr. Wickey’s home.

It was a 20-minute journey through deep country, seeing one immaculately kept farmstead after another along the tiny county roads we traversed. That beautiful tidiness seems to be a feature of Amish communities. The Wickeys’ farm was no exception. We knocked on several wrong doors before being hailed by Mrs. Wickey, who wore the traditional, dainty white Amish cap over her hair and a deep teal dress. We watched her for about an hour as she unpacked fresh supplies of bath products and books on diet and healing while we waited to be called.

When we were called, we went in together. Mr. Wickey fulfilled my expectation in appearance, looking old, wise and full of healing energy. His eyes twinkled and he had a constant, small smile which burst into a big grin when he assured each of us we were going to be better. He seemed to use a kind of kinesiology to aid his work.

He had an assistant who was learning his techniques. She aided him with the muscle-testing in my case, Mr. Wickey apparently realizing that the outstretched arm needed for the muscle-testing would bother my arthritic shoulder. The process was quite quick. He gave me a suggestion as to two herbs to take. He did the same for Talitha. He did not recommend any herbs for Melissa. He told all three of us we would be better very soon. And so we left, purchasing our herbs and also some of the Wickeys’ honey on the way out.

We went back to the inn for our final packing. I had brought some green tea, which I brewed in our room’s small coffeepot. We ceremoniously drank that together before checking out of the inn and setting out on our journey homeward.

The rains had passed and it was an exquisite day, offering us an easy drive back to Camelot. We arrived at bath time and I effortlessly slipped back into my home routine with great joy. Mel left almost immediately to get back to Avalon and check on her birds. Mick and I dined with Talitha and Gary, who was manning the L/L Research helm today, and conversed until it was time for the Gaia Meditation. Jim offered the closing prayer tonight.

I feel no differently than before the trip, in terms of the body drama I have been experiencing. Still I am very glad that we made the trip! Perhaps healing will come slowly. Perhaps it will come not at all. Yet we responded to the suggestion that we visit Mr. Wickey and offered ourselves a healing opportunity. That intention was an excellent one for us to set and I know good came from it.


I awoke on this day of travel for Melissa, Talitha and me to brilliant sunshine and humid heat. I spent my morning catching up my journals, doing what I could on the inside pages for the Aaron/Q’uo project and packing. I also wrote an apologetic note to Ian, who is asking for direction on how to arrange the CI-1 material, explaining that I would be back at the desk Wednesday.

We three had luncheon here at Camelot and then set out for Auburn, Indiana in Stanley Subaru. Just north of Indianapolis, storms set in, complete with pea-sized hail! Fortunately for Stanley, he was residing at a gas pump when the hail came through, and had a canopy over his hull. Fortune continued to smile upon us as we got Stanley's gas tank filled just before the power went out at the station! I had to write the receipt for our bookkeeper, Pam, on an end page of the book I was reading.

Melissa drove on through the heavy rains, which lasted the rest of the way to Auburn. We found our inn, got unpacked and sought our dinner at the nearby Applebee’s Restaurant. We had a feast! We began with an appetizer platter and then burgers for Mel and me and tilapia for Talitha.

The Auburn Inn was just lovely and we enjoyed a good conversation together before offering the Gaia Meditation, with Talitha praying at the end, and saying good night. I ended my day with a telephone call to Mick so that we could say good night and offer our last prayer of the day, The Lord’s Prayer, together as has been our daily habit for over two decades.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Our final day of CI-2 came so quickly! After Morning Offering we studied in the Channeling Quotes Database for an hour, then broke up to do our individual tuning. We came back together to offer our final channeling circle.

After lunch we had a long break, during which Mick and I caught a good 2-hour nap, very much needed by me. These occasions where I facilitate the Confederation teaching of channeling are called Intensives for a reason! Then we returned to our study of the channeling quotes, finishing up the curriculum for the Intensive.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon in high gig, snacking on the cheese ball which Melissa had made with my modest help – I chopped the parsley and green onions – and the other cheeses we had bought for the occasion, and drinking wine, soft drinks and tea. We put on Lacey J. Dalton’s “We Are the Wanderers” CD on the stereo and conversed. We had lost Maria yesterday, as she needed to get home to her children. Lorena set out at 4:00 or so for the same reason. By dinnertime we were down to 10 people.

We enjoyed our last meal together at a local microbrewery which makes the best spinach-artichoke dip in town. Carol and Dean bade us all good-bye there and set out for their home. The rest of us came back to Camelot for the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer tonight. Then Gerri offered me a wonderfully restorative Reiki session, after which I rolled upstairs to bed.

John moved indoors for tonight, finding it helpful to roll up his tent and gear before bedtime. The remainder of the people will leave tomorrow morning, as will Talitha and I. We are bound for Auburn, Indiana tomorrow!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


The third day of Channeling Intensive 2 went very well indeed. Mick was able to be part of things today, which always enhances any day for me. Today he was particularly effective as part of the channeling circle. We had a study session and then a channeling circle in the morning and another study session and another channeling circle in the afternoon. I took a short nap in the morning and then a long nap in the early afternoon and so kept up my strength.

In the evening some of the attendees watched the film The Fountain while others took an early bedtime. Mick and I bathed after the Gaia Meditation, at which he offered the closing prayer, and then came upstairs for a delicious and beautiful sharing of sacred sexual energy.

This is the most dedicated and devoted group of service-to-others channeling students I have ever had the privilege of learn/teaching. I have had other good students – my husband, Mick, Steve T and Mike K float to mind as the three best ever – but never before have I had the privilege of working with a whole group which is both gifted and ready to work persistently and seriously at this service of vocal channeling. Their level of skill varies, but their harmonization as a channeling circle and their attitude of utter love and service to others is unique and outstanding.

We heard from Tom C of Texas, who decided after the last CI that channeling probably was not his gift. He sent us a message of love and brotherhood. It was super to touch in with Tom. I hope I will see him at Homecoming!

We wind up CI-2 tomorrow. The time has gone quickly. Our circle has made much progress. Praise the Lord! It is a joy and very moving to serve with these fellow comrades of the light.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


The second day of Channeling Intensive 2 started with Morning Offering, after which Mick took off for a very full day of mowing, since he did not have Gary to help him today. Gary was hustling all day to accommodate the needs of the attendees, putting out lunch and tucking it away and seeing to everyone’s comfort.

In the morning I gave my talk on tuning for the third time, and it was a charm! We got no less than three copies of the talk! Finally we have a full audio version of the training modules for CI-1. In the event that people wish to study this material in the future, we now can offer an audio version of the full curriculum. I am still editing modules of this material in text form, having three to go including the session on tuning. I gave 8 modules of teaching and then we had practices and so forth, so there are 13 modules, altogether.

After lunch we had a long break, during which I worked on the inside pages of The Aaron/Q’uo Material, generating the last two pages, the Dedication page and the Acknowledgments page. Then I napped until 2:30. Gary awoke me so that I could tune. Everyone else was also tuning during this period, and we had a channeling circle at 3:00. The Laitos group trained us all, telling a story around the circle. It was a long session and it went very well. People are making good progress, each at his own rate.

We decided to let the rest of the day drift as it would. We went to Captain’s Quarters Restaurant for a delicious supper and then some of the attendees watched the interview from 1978 which Bill Tush of TBS television did with Don Elkins and me.

Lorena L offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Friday, June 06, 2008


What a steamy, sunshiny day! After Morning Offering Mick set out on his round of mowing and mowing some mow, as he said on his way out. He arrived home at bath time happy with his day, having done all his mowing plus some extra chores for a couple of customers.

In the morning I worked my way through the Glossary of Terms and defined the last of the terms. I sent that document on to Steve M, who most kindly will peruse the definitions with an eye to simplifying the language. Our inside pages for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues are taking shape!

After lunch I wrote Bob R about two delightful issues – a heavy-duty Dodge truck which he is donating to L/L Research and a proposed Gathering at Copper Bay Lodge in Michigan. We are dealing with details of how to get the truck to Louisville from Toledo. I suggested that he drive it down and rent a car to return, since Bob loves to drive. As an alternative, Melissa could take a bus up to Toledo and drive the truck back.

Later in the day Gary, Jim and I got together and agreed that we would arrange to hold the Copper Bay Gathering August 10-12. The topic discussed will be A Wake-Up Call for the New Paradigm. William Henry will again join the Gathering as a guest speaker.

I wrote Bob F. at Hampton Roads Publishing Company explaining that we were finishing the inside pages for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues and would send him the manuscript as soon as we had those few pages done. It is wonderful that this manuscript has found a publishing home.

Then it was time for my final preparation for CI-2 – a haircut and facial at Images Salon. I came home feeling natty! I beat it upstairs even though people were already arriving, as I wanted to get a bit more done before I dove into the Intensive for the weekend.

I wrote Frank D, letting him know that Bob F and I had made contact and that Bob had agreed to look at A/Q, and thanking him for putting an agent whom he feels might help my work in touch with me. I have never had an agent. It is a thought! We will see if she likes my work and if so, we will talk.

Then I took some time to catch up with Ian, our archive-site web guy and beloved friend of many years. His wife, Michelle Tocher, just came out with her first novel, and they launched it with a boat-ride for 100 people cruising Toronto’s harbor. What an exciting way to celebrate a new book!

In the waning minutes of the work day I got two more inside pages done in first-draft form, the title page and the verso to the title page. Then came a quick bath and Mick and I emerged to welcome our guests. Talitha L had arrived first, having flown in from California. Then the G’s, Gerri and Leonard, arrived by car from Virginia. Lorena L arrived from Chicago. Carol C and Dean G drove in from Tennessee. Romi came, then Maria R from Ohio and finally John K from Minnesota. We enjoyed pizza, salad, homemade vegetable soup and brownies together before we sat down to read our essays on “Why I Want to Become a Channel”.

We paused in the midst of this to offer the Gaia Meditation. Romi prayed at the close tonight. We continued with conversation after the formal opening session of Channeling Intensive 2 was over. People began drifting off to bed at 10:00 p.m., including Jim and me. Usually a few people stay up later and continue to converse and that could have happened! Tomorrow we will have our first channeling circle.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


After Morning Offering Jim headed out to mow and garden for his customers while Melissa put the finishing touches on the wall in my bedroom, sanding one last time and laying down a coat of primer throughout the bed nook area. On her next visit, she will paint the area and I’ll have a newly spruced-up bedroom!

I heard the good news from Bob F at Hampton Roads that he will welcome the manuscript of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues! Barbara B sent the Glossary of Terms, her part of the definitions done. There are some terms neither of us is eager to claim, so I will be writing a few more definitions. Then I will read the document through and send it off the Steve M for his eagle-eyed aid in simplifying our language. I worked my way through about half of it before bath time.

After lunch, Melissa and I worked in the kitchen for a bit, preparing a triple batch of brownies and a cheese ball for the upcoming festivities. I wanted to have snack food ready. There is nothing more comforting when one is away from home than the knowledge that there is food available! And of course chocolate is well-known for its ability to sharpen ESP! (Just joking.)

While Melissa tackled the big job of hanging a new door in the gardening room in the back of our garage, I spent the rest of my afternoon preparing for Channeling Intensive 2, which starts tomorrow evening, in my own way – I got a massage and had my nails done. Some people study before a big event – I get my “do” going!

Gary produced the binders for the attendees today and they are impressive. He does such a great job!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The day began with early rains which woke me in the pre-dawn. Jim was up early too, hoping to get some work in before the heavy storms came rolling through, and he did in fact get in one hour of mowing before being caught out in a pouring, driving thunderstorm, giving up the ghost when he saw lightning strike somewhere near him. He dropped back and punted with doing some errands and eventually finished his day having completed all his mowing and gardening jobs, somehow, between the many showers and storms of the day.

Melissa was on hand early too, coming down from Avalon for town chores and to continue repairing the ceiling in my bedroom. I worked on editing after Morning Offering, completing the editing of our May 10th Saturday Channeling. It is great to see these coming back from our fantastic transcriber, Aaron T, so very quickly. Kudos, dear Aaron!

After Mel and I attended to a round of errands which included my giving blood at LabCorp for my monthly lab tests and our shopping Wal Mart for various items, I returned to editing work, taking up the transcript of my talk at Channeling Intensive 1 on challenging potential channeling sources. I got perhaps half of that edited before Mick called bath time.

I also got a note off to Bob F at Hampton Roads asking him if he would like to see The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues manuscript. I have a good feeling about this!

And both Jude and Ba OK’d my sending Steve M our A/Q Table of Contents and Glossary of Terms for his uncanny eye to bring more simplicity to our prose, so I sent Steve our Table of Contents. Ba is still working on her part of the definitions for the Glossary.

Gary spent his work day getting the contents of the attendees’ binders copied and catching up at the L/L Research Inbox. And by the time Mick and I descended from our post-bath R and R, Romi was on hand, so we all had a festive supper and shared the Gaia Meditation, with Romi offering the closing prayer.

We were all weary tonight! Romi said good-night right after the Gaia Meditation rather than lingering in conversation as he normally does and even Melissa, who usually enjoys some late-night town TV after we go to bed during her visits to Camelot, said she was going to catch some early Z’s. Camelot’s lights went out early tonight!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


After Morning Offering I started my work day by creating and sending to Gary a unified recipe for making homemade turkey or chicken broth and chicken soup. We had talked about liking to have homemade broth on hand even when we did not have leftover turkey, with its bones and skin, to cook. A stewing chicken will also make good broth. Now he has a recipe he can use any time he wants to make broth. Homemade broth is a staple of our particular brand of cooking.

I spent a considerable portion of the day seeing to two service calls, one for our telephone and one for the electrical outlet near the fish pond in our side yard. I was up and down the stairs like a yoyo! By late afternoon the telephone was in service again and the fish pond’s pump was running.

In the morning I responded to Steve M’s very welcome offer to take a look at the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues’ table of contents with an eye to simplifying the language by writing Ba and Jude for permission to send that document to him.

I caught up by e-mail with Talitha, who had wished to know whether our rooms at the Auburn Inn, where we shall stay while visiting Solomon Wickey on June 10th, were pet-free and smoke-free. They are, thank heavens. She sent in a beautiful thank-you note for the two worthy and honorable donors who made it possible for her to attend Channeling Intensive 2 and then see Mr. Wickey with Melissa and me.

In the afternoon I edited the transcript of our April 26th channeling session. The questions, by Allen F, were concerning the creative process and I thought the session was very interesting. So I sent it on to Jim for his consideration for the next issue of Light/Lines.

I hit a minor milestone in my reworking of the recipes database today when I finished my final recipe for turkey – a doozy! It was for turkey tenderloins stuffed with spinach and mushrooms and finished with a cranberry mousseline. Now all of our chicken and turkey recipes are reworked. I shall begin to rework the fish recipes now.

In the starches, I have finished reworking the potatoes and rice recipes and have now begun on the pasta. In the vegetables I have finished with the artichokes and asparagus and am now on the section titled “beans, not green.” I can begin to see progress! With about 3,000 recipes to review, I have a long way to go, but some of the most-used sections are now ready to go.

I reworked a lot of recipes today, as I use them to pass the time while I catch my breath whenever I have to climb the stairs. I was up and down repeatedly with the repairmen today.

Jim worked eight mowing jobs today, plus doing extras for several of his customers while he was there. One of the extras was retrieving some car keys for a customer by slithering in through the open sun roof, hanging by his toes, literally, and fishing the keys out of the ignition. Never say a lawn man's day is boring! That is his record for the number of jobs he handles solo in one day. He was happy as a clam, as the day had gone well.

After our bath, we enjoyed a romantic tryst, sinking down into clear communication and then the communion of sacred sexual energy exchange before coming downstairs to enjoy a late supper and the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer tonight.

Monday, June 02, 2008


As the temperature soared close to 90 F, Mick and I went to church together, a rarity for us. He joined me so that Fr. Joe could bless us on the occasion of our 21st anniversary.

We came home to enjoy lunch and our first of three movies, The Flock, starring Richard Gere and Claire Danes. It was a seamy story of the shadow world of sex offenders and sexually oriented mutilation and murder. Gere and Danes were excellent, Gere playing an antihero with relish and Danes enabling and supporting his characterization with generosity and integrity. The screenplay, on the other hand, was muddy and lurched about amidst its lurid images.

The film brought into stark relief the diminished distance between law enforcement officers and the criminals they hunt. This theme has been played many times before, but in this day of repeated instances of police brutality, the point is worth making again.

Over popcorn we watched our second feature, King of California, starring Michael Douglas as a mentally unstable father who talks his daughter, ably played by Evan Rachel Wood, into searching for gold under the concrete floor of Costco. It was a slight film, unpretentious and engaging, with charming performances by Douglas and Wood.

After a break, we enjoyed supper with our third film of the day, Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without Youth, starring Tim Roth as a 70-year-old professor of philology – the study of language - who gets struck by lightning and grows young again and Alexandra Maria Lara as the woman he loves, another lightning-struck changeling who begins speaking in tongues which are progressively more ancient and unknown. He is torn between allowing her to continue to regress into the proto-language where our words all began, which is killing her by stages, and allowing her to live.

Coppola is in typical form. He is a mature and skillful director who can marshal a vast and sophisticated array of cinematic effects deftly. On the other hand, he asks his characters to overplay their emotions, making things too obvious in his zeal for melodrama.

It was a movie well worth watching, with soaring production values, a wonderful sense of color and an appealing sound track. And the film raised good questions about the nature of human beings, and then played on those questions with virtuoso pacing. Had it not been for the self-indulgence of Coppola and a shaky ending, it would have been a first-rate film. As it was, it slipped into a comfortable second-rate status. The filming on Malta was absolutely beautiful.

During our afternoon break, I found that Steve M had sent his comments to Chapter 12 of 101! I processed them and now have a final rough draft of this book, ready for me to read through! Whee! When Gary comes in on Tuesday, I will have him combine all of the chapters and other parts of the book into one document for the read-through.

I also heard from Frank D, who most kindly equipped me with the name of the editor at Hampton Roads to whom I should send the manuscript of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. It turns out to be Bob F, who coincidentally was the man who, in the 1980s, saw the value of The Law of One. This is a signal blessing. It is very likely he will accept our manuscript! I shall write him the first thing on Monday morning.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


The last day of the sweet month of May was a beautiful one here. After Morning Offering Mick cleaned the kitchen and then did errands in the morning, spending his afternoon working in the yard. He cut the grass and trimmed all the walkways and plantings, planted some yellow knock-out roses in the rose garden, five new astilbe in our astilbe garden and he filled the pots at porch and fish pond with pretty annuals. Where the chakra garden was last year, he planted two shades of verbena. Our gardens are ready for Channeling Intensive 2!

I spent my work day starting over completely with the session descriptions for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, fashioning them all into statements. I had started with a mixture of questions like “How can we …?” I changed them all to the phrasing “We can…” I think it turned out well but I will know for sure when I hear back from Jude and Ba. They will let me know!

I spent the remainder of my day trying to write Frank D a letter. I had two email addresses for him, but both were no longer good. When I saw that they had both been returned, I wrote Elihu E, who corresponds with him regularly, as evidenced by occasional forwards I get from Eli which he is sending on from Frank. Frank used to be the editor-in-chief at Hampton Roads Publishing and he offered, some time ago, to present the A/Q Dialogues manuscript to them for me, which is far better than sending it in to them cold. Now to find the man!

Gary reported a telephone consult with Bob R on he matter of a possible Gathering on the New Paradigm. They talked about various venues but no decision was reached.

After Mick and I bathed, we dressed for our anniversary dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, the nicest restaurant of that type in town. Thanks to a gift card from Mike T, we enjoyed fabulous food for 30% off the usual price! Thank you Mike! It was glorious food and we watched the sun set over eastern Louisville in a spectacular mix of pinks and aquas. I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation in the car on our way home.

Mick and I have so very much for which to give thanks! The twenty-one years of our marriage and twenty-eight years of partnership in L/L Research have been the best years of our lives. Working with Don Elkins those first three years we were together was a golden period we shall never forget. But we agreed that we were experiencing another golden age now, with Mick’s business doing well and two big projects – Living the Law of One 101: The Choice and The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues – ripening into maturity at the same time. And it is a good feeling to be working with this circle of talented and loving people who are working to become channels. That occasion is coming up next week, starting Thursday. Thank you, Lord!