Thursday, June 05, 2008


After Morning Offering Jim headed out to mow and garden for his customers while Melissa put the finishing touches on the wall in my bedroom, sanding one last time and laying down a coat of primer throughout the bed nook area. On her next visit, she will paint the area and I’ll have a newly spruced-up bedroom!

I heard the good news from Bob F at Hampton Roads that he will welcome the manuscript of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues! Barbara B sent the Glossary of Terms, her part of the definitions done. There are some terms neither of us is eager to claim, so I will be writing a few more definitions. Then I will read the document through and send it off the Steve M for his eagle-eyed aid in simplifying our language. I worked my way through about half of it before bath time.

After lunch, Melissa and I worked in the kitchen for a bit, preparing a triple batch of brownies and a cheese ball for the upcoming festivities. I wanted to have snack food ready. There is nothing more comforting when one is away from home than the knowledge that there is food available! And of course chocolate is well-known for its ability to sharpen ESP! (Just joking.)

While Melissa tackled the big job of hanging a new door in the gardening room in the back of our garage, I spent the rest of my afternoon preparing for Channeling Intensive 2, which starts tomorrow evening, in my own way – I got a massage and had my nails done. Some people study before a big event – I get my “do” going!

Gary produced the binders for the attendees today and they are impressive. He does such a great job!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.