Thursday, May 29, 2008


We enjoyed a cool and sunshiny day by going down to the river and lunching on some fried chicken and frog legs, slaw and fried green tomatoes at Chick Inn, an ancient and honorable restaurant-bar on River Road. I have been craving their fried chicken for a month at least. Bob R joined Melissa and me for a great feast. Bob then treated us to a dessert at the Captain’s Quarters, just down the road from the Chick Inn. I wanted Bob to see the river view. We had such a good time!

We also talked some L/L Research business. Bob wants to sponsor an L/L Research Gathering later in the year with a focus on 2012, the new paradigm and "instructions for the ground crew", as he puts it. He had originally thought of doing this in Williamsburg in order to enjoy the colonial aspect of the town, but he was talking a good deal about a lodge in Copper Bay, Michigan, far north on the Upper Peninsula. It is remote but lovely, he says. I will ask Gary to look into the logistics of getting there. If it is do-able by public transport, it sounds like a good venue, with excellent food, good rooms, a new convention facility and quite unspoiled.

Bob also wants to donate an old, heavy-duty truck to L/L Research. We talked about how to get it here. Melissa, who has chickens to pick up in Cincinnati in late June, spoke of going up to Toledo on the bus and driving it down then. It would be a great boon for Avalon to have a farm truck. Melissa will look into licensing and insuring it. Bob will look into getting it running, as its battery has died.

Around the edges I worked in my office while Mick mowed and mowed some more, finishing his day’s work here and then driving down to Steve F’s estate near Shelbyville and mowing his 4 acres. He saw a couple looking carefully at the place while he was there and is hopeful that this chore will soon be taken off his hands as the property sells.

After Morning Offering I absorbed Steve M’s comments on Chapter 10. I was delighted that he liked the chapter so well! Only two more chapters for him to read now! Ah, bliss!

Then after lunch I continued collecting quotes. Our database on channeling, culled from our session archives, now runs over 180 pages! And I am only up to 1991! I may not finish this job before Channeling Intensive 2! But we certainly have plenty of material, regardless.

Mel continued to work on my bedroom ceiling, getting the drywall covered with spackle for a second and thicker coat. She also did some office work. And as Mick was having trouble starting Fielder, our six-foot-cut mower, she got new spark plugs for it, checked the gap and installed them, so Fielder starts right up now.

I attended the last choir practice of the summer before joining Mick for a quiet evening. I offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation.