Monday, May 19, 2008


It was a perfectly Edenic morning to go to church. Jim wheeled me up the ramp an hour earlier, as the church has switched to its summer schedule of 10:00 services. We sang Mozart’s Ave Verum and celebrated Trinity Sunday, the start of the longest season of the church year. It will run until Advent begins in late November.

Mick picked me up after cleaning the house and we embarked on our Movie Sunday. Over lunch we watched Trade, a film which explores slave trading. It is little known, but this kidnapping of children and selling them thrives today, with modern refinements such as selling them a la e-Bay over the internet by auction. Kevin Kline was good in this, as a law officer, but the real star was young Cesar Ramas, playing a kidnapped girl’s brother. He was excellent. It was an informative film with an interesting sound track.

Next came In the Valley of Elah. I would have thought this would garner an Oscar for Charlize Theron. Her portrayal of a detective stubbornly investigating a murder in the face of opposition from civilian and military authorities was nuanced, low-key and ultimately tremendously powerful. The ensemble behind her, especially Tommy Lee Jones and Susan Sarandon, were excellent also. Not a note in the whole piece rang falsely. I recommend this film.

Lastly we watched a quirky film called Awake! Ghoulish in its subject matter, it highlights the fact that some 30,000 out of over twenty million patients who go under anesthesia every year are not “out” but are awake and able to feel the pain of the surgery. However, this situation was only the pretext upon which was built a tale of betrayal and triumph. Hayden Christensen, Lena Olin, Jessica Alba and Terrence Howard formed a tight and beautifully presented ensemble for this unexpected and well crafted story. I would also recommend this film.

In our late afternoon break, I ordered a yard sign and a couple of bumper stickers for "Obama for President". Mick and I are both hopeful that this candidate will win the day. His goals are compatible with our own and I believe him to be an earnest and honorable man who can help our country recover its balance and back away from becoming a bloated, corrupted and doomed empire.

I also got a note from Talitha L. She is in need of a sponsor so that she can attend two events – Channeling Intensive 2 and a visit to a healer, Solomon W, with me after that Gathering. She needs $300 for her plane ticket and for the cost of the motel when we drive up to see Mr. W. Talitha is a woman with exceptional skills. A natural and gifted healer, she has backed up this gift with a medical education and has an M.D. She is also a promising channel. And she has substantial health challenges. No one could be worthier of help. If anyone would like to sponsor Talitha, please let Gary know at

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.