Friday, May 09, 2008


This was a blissfully quiet day for me, as I did not need to stir from the house. It rained off and on all day, so Mick split the wind after a shortened Morning offering and got all but one of his mowing jobs done before being rained out in mid-morning. He had two gardening and landscaping jobs to do and accomplished them in the wet. It was warm, so he was comfortable. And he enjoyed the thought that his new plantings would have a wonderful welcome to their new garden homes, blessed by the raindrops.

I worked first on my journals, then on several e-mails from our archive site’s web guy, who is in the midst of revamping our entire site. Then I wrote Phyllis Schlemmer at some length, reminiscing about Andrija Puharich, with whom I was associated in the late 1970s and with whom Phyllis did a great deal of loving and service-oriented planetary work for two decades. She would like for us to do a workshop together. I also think that would be good, if we can work out the details and find a sponsor to fund its production.

I then wrote my essay on why I want to learn to channel, which is a requirement for the upcoming Channeling Intensive 2.

After lunch, I spent the rest of the working day starting the database on Confederation quotes concerning channeling, which will be studied during the CI-2 Gathering. I got four pages into it before Mick came home. He was an hour early for bath time, and I needed some presents wrapped, for Aubine’s grandson, Fassely, and for Mother’s Day, for Jim’s Mom. He very kindly lent me a hand.

After our bath, Mick and I came upstairs and made sweet love. After cuddling together for a while afterwards, he helped me try on the khaki pants needed for the choir trip on May 17th. They were too short in the inseam, too tight in the hips and too loose in the waist. My typical luck with pants, as my waist is smaller and my legs are longer than the usual, for my size. We won’t talk about my hips! That pair was all Wal Mart had to offer, so I will ask Melissa to do a retail run with me to cop a pair of khakis that fit next week.

Mick offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.