Thursday, May 08, 2008


This was truly a day in Paradise, with brilliant sunlight in the morning glossing the snowy white, fuchsia and orange azaleas in the back yard and soft rain blessing the growing flowers and blooms of spring in the evening. After Morning Offering, Mick sailed off to work a very full day.

Just last Thursday, when his JLS statements went out, he included a note to his customers to the effect that he was open to accept one or two jobs. Lately, two of his long-time customers have moved to patio homes, and so either two small acreage slots or one large acreage slot came open. Today a woman who lives just across from St. Luke’s asked him to work for her. Her lawn is large and she is very particular and artistic, just the kind of customer to appreciate Mick’s fastidious, impeccable work. She does a good deal of gardening, and so she will be using him for much more than the weekly mowing. I am so happy for him!

I worked all of today at editing the second session of Channeling Intensive 1, which was on preparing to channel. Now I am waiting for only two more transcripts of the sessions to come back from the transcribers, the one on creating a workroom and the one on visualizing one’s guidance. I think that, together, when they are up on the web site, they will constitute a good addendum to A Channeling Handbook and help people who are studying channeling.

Gary and I decided that we will try for a third time to record the missing session on tuning during Channeling Intensive 2. He felt that since it was a critical part of the process of learning to channel, the attendees would be glad to review the material. Only then will we have a complete set of all 13 sessions of CI-1. The first two times I gave this talk, at CI-1 and at the make-up session last weekend, there was a computer glitch.

In the middle of the day I stopped by Wal Mart and found a pair of khaki pants and a plain white shirt, which our choirmistress has asked us all to wear for the service down at the Diocesan Retreat Center, or Camp Swampy, as Lisa calls it. Located in Leitchfield, Kentucky, it is a beautiful place but too rural for choir robes. So we will be the choir in khaki and white.

Then I drove to Baptist Hospital East, where I had my annual MRA. They are looking at an aneurism on the right side of my brain which was discovered four years ago, when I had a seizure which resulted in a broken bone in my hand. So far it has been stable and too small to need surgery. It would be great if it were gone this time!

Jim attended a town meeting about the sewers while I went to choir practice. We rendezvoused back home afterwards for a late dinner and the Gaia Meditation. Mick offered a particularly beautiful closing prayer tonight.