Thursday, May 01, 2008


The last day of April was a gift, in the 60s F and with a gentle breeze to boot. After Morning Offering I wrote the next issue of L/L Research’s Gatherings Newsletter. I have not gotten news from any study groups besides our own lately, so I focused upon the three Gatherings we have coming soon – the make-up session for those who missed Channeling Intensive1, the Channeling Intensive 2 coming up in June and the Homecoming 2008 over Labor Day.

I came downstairs at lunchtime and rendezvoused with Melissa, who had come down to Louisville for the purpose of putting in a new kitchen faucet for us, and also to relax and enjoy a bit of down time. We had lunch on the way to downtown. We wanted to check out Joe Ley’s Salvage. Mick told us that their third floor has a whole slew of doors and Sugar Shack needs both a front door and a back door.

I sat in the car and read a book, one of Dick Francis’s very appealing thrillers and right in season since the book is set at the race track. Meanwhile Melissa scoped out the door supply. She came back to the car saying, “I could spend a day in there!” She found good doors. But they did not come with the surrounding framing, which is problematical, since she would have to build the frames. Now she is considering buying new metal doors which have their own frames.

We also stopped at Louisville Tractor and picked up L/L Research’s new Shindaiwa chain saw. Her mushroom project is finished for now, with all the plugs inoculated, and Mel wants to get on to cutting wood for construction and also for sale as fire wood.

Then I had a real treat! We stopped at a consignment clothing shop in Middletown and found some very nice garments for me to wear. I have gained enough weight to have grown out of many of my clothes. This will give me more choices. I love choices!

We made it back to Camelot at bath time. Mel settled in with a movie while Mick and I bathed. Then I went to choir practice at St. Luke’s. We are rehearsing the music for the May 17th service to welcome the presiding Bishop as well as for our regular services. It is a joy to sing with these people!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.