Wednesday, April 30, 2008


After Morning Offering, Jim went out into the blustery morning wearing his field jacket, as the chilly weather continues and the clouds lower here in Kentucky. Misty, soft rains came and went. I worked on e-mail and reworked recipes, finishing off the old e-mail at last and working in the skillet-cooked chicken, potato casserole and corn sections of the recipe database.

I went to Images for a mini-facial and a haircut. What a luxury that facial is! My allergic skin is always vastly itchy until Lee Ann gets her hands and her potions on it. I also acquired normal-looking eyebrows thanks to her tinting. And Jazz’s haircuts make me look my best.

I came back intending to start work on the writing of the next Gatherings Newsletter, but instead had a drop-in visit from Tom F, who has been meditating with our group since 1974. However in the past year he has been inundated with duties having to do with his ward, his grandson by marriage, whose swimming competition and training have taken up Tom’s weekend nights as well as his early mornings and late afternoons, as he gives Daniel rides to his various practices. It was good to see Tom and catch up with what is going on in his life. He’s truly the salt of the earth, a good person through and through.

I sent along some information of interest to Carol C which I found in an article about Derby doings. Carol has attended our Gatherings and would like to help us acquire grants and donations. She had mentioned that if she could recall the names of the owners of the 21c Hotel here in Louisville, whom she met during a workshop there, she would give them a sales talk about our organization. Apparently the owners wish to donate to local metaphysical causes. Good luck with that, Carol!

Gary was at the admin helm today and kindly came up to my office while I was gone and rearranged things so that I no longer have wires stretched across where I might trip over them. Jim had taken my office telephone, the house’s only land line, outside during the weekend to test a problem and when he went to put it back together, it would not go for him. Mick and I are similarly unhandy at such things. Gary got the wires tucked back out of sight.

Jim came home quite late because a customer called with a plea for help for her mother’s yard just as he finished his regular work for the day. So Mick kindly drove over to Rose Island Road and cut her very large yard. It had not previously been cut this year and Mick said he was very impressed with Fielder, Jim’s biggest mower, a recent acquisition. It chewed smoothly through the tall, heavy growth as well as a brush mower.

Gary stayed after his work was over to converse and share our supper, and he offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight.