Sunday, April 20, 2008


Saturday dawned drizzly and gray, a sober background to the lushness of the peak of spring. Jim cleaned the kitchen and did weekly errands in the morning while I wrote my journals and reworked some recipes. I succeeded in getting an entire category – salmon – reworked. Now if the guys want to eat salmon, all their recipe choices are good ones, as far as their being massaged by me to be workable. Onward to tuna!

After lunch Mick loaded his trailer with a gigantic load of limbs. He would load a layer on and then walk on it to pack it down, and then repeat until his trailer could hold no more. We drove upriver to Avalon with it and Melissa helped him unload the limbs, which are being used for erosion control along the ravine side of our access road. Then she took us to spend a little time with the chickens, and we conversed about Avalon Farm business while we gave some green treats to Russell Crow, Dusty Rose and the Golden Comets.

Mel and Mick worked to load creek rock which Melissa had collected for him into the trailer while I sang to Avalon, who loves my singing and always asks for more! And then off we went, to return home by bath time. I was so impressed with all Mel has done there. She has made a huge difference on the property, improving it in so many ways. Kudos, Mel!

After our whirlpool, Mick and I welcomed Romi, who came early to the meditation meeting in order to deal with the disastrously slow and sometimes non-working Word software on Growler. The technical fix was Greek to me, but it worked! Thank you, Ro!

We had a most pleasant silent meditation tonight. At the end of it, before we sang our circle song to end the meeting, I prayed for the peace of the world, combining the Gaia Meditation with our weekly meditation.