Saturday, April 19, 2008


After Morning Offering, I stayed downstairs and did some office work before going with Melissa in search of a baby gift for Fassely. We found a lovely receiving blanket at Dolfinger’s. I was so glad that I did not, after all, have to go mall crawling. We had the wheelchair on board and Mel was ready to push, but it was so much nicer to find what was needed at a store so accessible to the parking area. I only needed to walk a few steps.

Then we went to Louisville Tractor, where we ordered a chain saw for Avalon. I believe it is a Shindaiwa 488. Jim loves his, calling it Butter Cutter, and Mel says it is just right for her as well. So now L/L Research adds a chain saw to its implements, which also include a mower and a tractor. Mel will be using the saw to cut wood, some for farm use and some for sale.

We lunched while we were out and then came home, Mel to do town chores and work at the computer here and I, to edit. I edited another session of the Channeling Intensive I, the second tuning practice, and then started on the transcript of Jim’s and my 1994 speech at the International UFO Congress.

I continued my reworking of the recipes in our database, focusing today on recipes using salmon. Because our lifestyle and budget call for canned salmon rather than fillets, I am reworking fillet recipes into canned salmon recipes. The canned salmon is treated to be safely eaten over several days’ time. Fresh fish only has about a 24-hour window of shelf life after it is cooked. I was especially pleased to create a recipe for salmon and vegetable pie, using a spaghetti crust.

Before I quit for the day I wrote our faithful computer technician, Romi, with a plea to doctor Growler, whose version of Word is very ill, nigh unto dying. He wrote right back and said he would come early for meditation tomorrow and see the patient. Bless you, Ro Man!

After a restorative whirlpool, Mick and I shared a date and snuggled in the afterglow for a while. He woke me to descend to the downstairs, where we supped and enjoyed science fiction on the TV. Mick offered the prayer to close the Gaia Meditation tonight.