Thursday, April 17, 2008


Ah! Some days are perfect, and this has been one of them! The temperature floated to the mid-seventies F while the redbuds came into the first blush of purple-red bloom. The tulips continue to come up and the daffodils are not yet spent, so the color in the yard is spectacular.

After Morning Offering, Jim and Gary did a very full day of mowing, including going down to Steve F’s place in Shelby County and mowing his acreage. Meanwhile I edited two sessions of the Channeling Intensive I, a Question and Answer session labeled Session 11 and the first practice channeling the group did, labeled Session 10. I have only one more transcript, the second channeling practice session, from that bunch which has come back from the transcribers, to edit, so hopefully after tomorrow I can move on to other things for a while. I want to write my first article/blog for UPI since October and also I would like to begin editing Dana Redfield’s Alphabet Mosaics.

It is good to move through the process of editing these sessions for the first Channeling Intensive, as I believe they will constitute a good primer for those who want to study the subject of channeling when all the sessions are edited.

The first channeling practice session was a good one! I enjoyed hearing the story the Confederation told once again as I edited it.

Reckoning with my expanded girth, I ordered a new supply of underwear today. I think my emotions surrounding weight gain are probably worthy of an article! Our culture is geared to valuing slenderness, and for most of my life I have been slender. Now I am not. The change in self-image is immense. I find it humorous and sad that, faced with a wide array of discomforts and illness which have immobilized me and made it hard not to gain weight, my attention is caught the most by the weight gain and not by either the illness which currently has my doctors mystified or the deeper issues surrounding illness and healing.

I find that fascinating. Why the focus on such a shallow issue? Yes, there is an article, or should I say, a blog entry, now, in that. However my first UPI article will be about the experience of becoming immobilized and how it brought me to deeper prayer and a far more active conversation with Holly, my flame of the Holy Spirit.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.