Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It was sheer pleasure to wake up to this day as our area trembles on the brink of full spring. Driving to my appointment with Doris S, my trust officer at Glenview, the light green haze on the trees was breathtaking. The wildflowers are still seeding, while the naked magnolia suddenly has shed its gorgeous bloom, making a lovely carpet of pink in our neighbor’s yard. I took our taxes, all signed and ready for their checks to be added, along with me, as it is our practice to let the trust pay our taxes. Usually if we owe the IRS it is because of capital gains, so it makes sense for the trust to bear the tax burden.

We have a lot of capital gains this year as Doris is slowly selling off the Exxon stock we inherited from my great aunts. We disapprove deeply of Exxon’s corporate practices, so Doris is reinvesting the money from the sale of Exxon stock in a diversified selection of stocks. The market is undervalued right now, so it makes sense to purchase stocks.

Doris does a wonderful job. She tells me that she expects the market to take a dip for the year, probably, as corporations report lower profits than expected. She foresees the cycle bottoming out next year and beginning to get healthy again then. So we’re in for a ride. It helps to remember that the value of stocks, until you cash them in by selling them, is completely theoretical.

After Morning Offering I opened Steve M’s comments on Chapter 8, which had come in over the weekend, and finished them just in time to head out to Glenview. After that meeting, I came home and edited the channeling session we had at our March 29th meeting and sent that on to Ian.

I also did some e-mail around the edges. I thanked Eccles P for finding me “Love Will Come Set Me Free” on Google. I fished around, now that I know that Brett Dennen wrote and sings the song, for a CD to buy, but was unable to find it. So I wrote Dennen’s web site and asked how I could buy the CD on which that song is recorded.

And I wrote Melissa asking her for the favor of taking me shopping soon. I need to buy a baby gift for Aubine’s infant grandson, Fassely, and that probably means a mall visit, since baby shops are not common in the hinterlands. Hopefully she can find some time soon for wheelchair pushing. Our malls have a whole lot of acreage under roof!

Mick arrived home at bath time flush with success, having done all he intended for the day, plus extras which his customers asked him to do while he was there. We had a good talk about my visit with Doris while we had a soak and a whirlpool. Then we came upstairs for a date and enjoyed the pleasure and sacred power of making love.

Mick offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.