Saturday, April 05, 2008


It rained and poured all night, continuing through the day before finally tapering off this evening. We got six new inches of rain! It's a record setter. Mick and I were therefore on a later schedule, since it was far too wet for him to work in the morning. So he did his Saturday errands a day early in the morning, after Morning Offering, while I did almost nothing! I had a fit of the blahs and played hooky with solitaire and some new e-mail.

What turned the day around for me were a couple of the new e-mails. One was from Lisa L, my choirmistress, letting me know that she could hear the difference I made in the choir at choir practice and was excited to have me back, which touched me.

The other was from Steve M. He sent me photos of his aura and his chakras which he had had recently taken. His aura was just beautiful, blue, indigo and violet throughout. He also said kind words that touched my heart. And he said he’d be working on his comments for the remaining chapters of 101 over the weekend. My fit of the dismals flew away!

After lunch I finally had my daily chapel time and wrote my journals. Then I edited some more on the speech on psychic greeting, getting to within five pages of the end. I had forgotten how interesting some of the questions and observations were, especially from Gerry G.

I wound up the day working with several questions to me which Lorena had collected from the prisoners with whom she corresponds on behalf of L/L Research. The most interesting of the questions had to do with a passage from a reading in A Book of Days. The question was concerning the statement that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was a messenger of love. He wondered how that could be true. My answer, in part, was this:

“The way the serpent was a mythical messenger of love was that, in the story or myth, the serpent brought the burden and gift of self-awareness. Before the coming of the serpent, Adam and Eve were second-density creatures, basically. Their minds were unawakened. The subtleties of this can be argued, but in general this is true.

Then came eating the apple and the dawning of self-awareness. This was highly upsetting and inconvenient, of course, but it was still a gift. Adam and Eve were ashamed, discovering that they were unclothed. So they had to stir around and make some clothes. You just KNOW that the fig leaf was not enough for long! And they began having to deal with their sexuality. This in turn caused them to begin dealing with relationships with each other and, soon, their children. And so the story of humanity begins, in all of its confusion and glory. All of this is very aggravating compared to doing a spot of gardening and enjoying the whole of each day just being there.

And yet this event marks the beginning of our third-density story. Everything stems from our becoming self-aware beings; beings with consciences and consciousness: souls. So we need to thank the snake for humans like us being who and where we are today!”

Mick called bath time as I finished this. Then we came upstairs for an hour of rest and conversation before it was time for Romi to pick up Lorena, Reiko and me and take us to dinner, his treat. Just as we were going out the door, Valerie arrived with Ocean to pick up Gary and take off for their holiday!

Romi took us to the Napa River Grill, and we feasted wonderfully! It was a delightful night out – good company, good conversation and loving feelings all around. I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation we had at the table.

Mick stayed home for some alone time and napped gloriously!