Friday, April 04, 2008


Rain was slated to arrive by noon today, so Mick and I arose early and he was working by 8 a.m. After our Morning Offering I came upstairs and played with recipes for a while, as I knew that Mick and I would be eating alone next week, with Gary on vacation, and this is a great chance for him to eat some pork chops. I found a nifty new recipe for pork chops with fruited dressing. While I was at it I reworked a couple of recipes we already had, one for Hash Brown Casserole and one for a broccoli cauliflower stir-fry with oriental flavorings. That's our menu for next week.

Then I turned to Steve M’s comments on Chapter 7, which is about the green-ray chakra, the heart center. As usual they were grand. I especially enjoyed a comment he made about our arms. He said that when the fetus develops its arms, they grow out right from the heart. So when we hug people, we are literally surrounding them with our heart’s vibrations.

I did some e-mail then, letting my neighbor, Calvin, know that she is welcome to come with me to church on Sundays. She had told me that she likes the idea of not climbing steps, as she also has beaucoup troubles with stairs.

Ian had asked about the two versions of my Laughlin speech, one audio and one text, and I suggested to him that he divide the speeches and interviews on site into audio versions and text versions. I also suggested that he give that job the lowest possible priority!

I edited more on the speech on psychic greeting from the First Channeling Intensive, getting to page 14 of 21. It remains slow going and since I am now editing in the question-and-answer section, it will continue to be slow. People tend to have a tough time finding just the right words, so there is almost always some stumbling. But I’ll find a way to make it flow yet keep the sense.

Then it was time to go for my monthly manicure-pedicure, a luxury I began allowing myself the third time in a row that I drew blood while trying to cut my own toenails. My weak fingers and failed joints do not tend to succeed at fine work. I thoroughly enjoy the grooming time. It is great for my morale. Melissa gifted me with some lavender-red sparkles which are designed to be painted on top of the solid color already painted on the nails. The carrier is clear, so all one sees is the sparklies. I chose a toning-in lavender for the base color and loved the result. My Nana would say it has zwoomph. I like zwoomph! (If you think my nails are loud, you should see my socks!)

Mick and I came upstairs for a while and enjoyed an intimate conversation and even smooched a bit before descending to dinner and the evening, which we spent with Gary and Lorena. Mick offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.