Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Happy April Fool’s Day! Jim dodged raindrops again after Morning Offering, but was able to accomplish all he hoped to do for his customers today, focusing on work at a customer’s farm and gardening for another customer.

I spent my morning working my way through Steve M’s comments on Chapter 5 of 101. His pages were rich in comments and I enjoyed his suggestions. It took me until 1:00 p.m. to winnow through everything, but what a good feeling to have another chapter reworked a la Steve! He really helps me talk simply.

In the afternoon I started to edit the fifth teaching session of the First Channeling Intensive. The subject was psychic greeting. It was slow going, and I stopped working on it at 4:00 in order to turn to my office clean-up list. I continued working through the Laughlin contacts, writing Rosemary Guiley of FATE Magazine and author of well received books on angels and other paranormal creatures. Her web site is, if you would like to surf over and check her out. She had interviewed me for the magazine while we were both at the International UFO Congress. It was a delightful conversation and I wrote to thank her.

I tended to practical matters by replenishing our household bank account and making an appointment with my trust officer, Doris S, for a review later this month. She has always taken care of the inheritance which I received when Don Elkins passed through the gates to larger life in 1984. Under her guidance, our trust supported Jim and me completely until 2001 and still provides relief funds when Jim’s Lawn Service coffers are low. In addition, the trust has grown to almost double the original size of the inheritance. Jim and I are most grateful for her aid. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say about all the amazing things occurring in American finance recently!

Howard B, one of our best transcribers, asked some editing questions to which I responded. It is splendid to have transcribers who are so motivated to get it right! It is surprising what issues arise. One of his questions was about the spelling of the word, magic. He had rendered it as magick. That spelling has been around for a while, but I do not use it because it has too many associations with types of magic that are service-to-self in nature.

Ian sent me back the Introduction I had written to the 25-year collection of Light/Lines newsletters with a request to eliminate three lines. He wanted to get the complete text to lie all on one page. I found some details to omit concerning the early meditation group which became L/L Research and shot it back to him. That volume should be ready to offer soon. We will print it on demand as orders arrive. It contains every newsletter from 1982 through 2007! For those who love our newsletter, it is a very handy volume to have. You can see how our channeling has developed over a long period of time. I imagine researchers and collectors will love this book!

After our bath, Mick and I ate early, since we had a channeling session for Lynne R at 8:00 p.m. We enjoyed a Star Gate episode and then turned off the television and conversed until it was time for me to tune for the session. I think it was a good session, although it was shorter than our usual sessions, only a bit over 40 minutes. Lynne asked a question concerning free will within families and also asked how she was doing in this incarnation. Was she on track? I thought the responses were interesting, and look forward to reading the session when I edit the transcription.

Romi visited in order to take part in the session and Gary also joined us for the Gaia Meditation tonight. The Ro Man offered the closing prayer. Tea and good conversation concluded our evening.