Saturday, March 29, 2008


Rain, rain, rain! We awoke today to see that overnight rains had added yet more to our already flooded river. Our wet-weather spring is running non-stop! And it had gotten chilly besides! I did little for L/L Research this morning, for I had overslept completely and needed to spend the time after Morning Offering and before Dianne came for chapel time and writing my journals.

Dianne and I had a lovely lunch at Jack Fry’s. She is a very thoughtful, philosophically minded person, and our conversations are often abstract and spiritually oriented, which makes her a delightful, unique and valuable voice for me to hear, although of course we cover the bases of what’s happening to us personally as well. We had a great time. However I was feeling less than swell, so we dropped our plans of visiting a couple of Louisville’s great little galleries which lie along restaurant row, where we were, and came on home.

I was overtaken by the need to sleep after she left, and after falling aslepp in my ofice chair three times, went to bed and slept straight through until bath time. I had a wonderfully happy dream where Don Elkins was visiting with Jim and me. He said that he was real, but not physical. He was just here because a healer with whom he was working on the inner planes had asked him to take this man, who was obviously extremely ill, into space/time for a while, and so Don had clothed himself with enough ectoplasm to do so. He was all smiles and grins to see me and said he loved me poignantly! Even in the dream I thought, what an interesting choice of adjective! It was fine to see him, my ever-beloved companion.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.