Saturday, March 22, 2008


While the sun smiled upon us, after Morning Offering Mick and Gary worked straight through until about 2:00 and got everything on Jim’s JLS agenda done. Then Mick went to a lawn service customer to load up a trailer-full of already-cut debris and took it up to Avalon for use on the access road’s ravine as erosion control.

It is a great blessing that Mick’s work gives him so much ready material for this erosion control, as our access road is struggling to stay viable. Both Mick and Melissa have poured countless hours into its improvement. Melissa has now extended all of our culverts. They were too short before, and as the water flowed out of them, the water was actually undercutting the banks of the ravine that hold the road in place.

I spent the morning finishing my comments for the next issue of Light/Lines and sent them off to Ian for editing. In the afternoon I wrote the Introduction to the Light/Lines compilation and sent that off to Ian also. Or at least, I tried to! The house’s internet connection went south and I could not send anything to anyone! Fortunately, Gary was able to do something magical to restore it later in the day.

Jim was quite late getting back from his run to Avalon so I worked on recipes, reworking all of our recipes for cabbage. That was his request! We now have a completely reworked cabbage section in our recipes database. He encouraged me to keep working on the chicken recipes from now on, as he and Gary prefer to eat no red meat, so fowl and fish recipes will be on my agenda whenever I have an exhausted brain but have not quite exhausted my work time. I absolutely love to collect good recipes for my little family.

I had my first complete immersion in water since the heart catheterization test last Monday. All went well; I am all healed up from that test. Then my studly husband asked me for a date!! What glory there is between two people who dedicate themselves to the Creator and then go off to dance the oldest dance of all! Thank you, Lord!

We concluded our evening by watching basketball. The University of Louisville Cardinals won their game against Boise State and advanced in the playoffs. I love March Madness, as Mick is so happy! He has such a good time watching college football, which flows seamlessly into college b-ball. His off-season is the spring and summer, when only baseball games are on. Although he was an excellent shortstop and his Little League team won a state championship when he was a lad – Monte Kiffen, then also a lad, was the coach – he does not follow any team, so only watches sporadically until the playoffs leading up to the World Series. He has pointed out to me that this slow season coincides nicely with his mowing season, and he'd probably sleep through evening games then anyway!

I never lack for leisure fun, as I do not follow any sports at all, but love to read and do puzzles. I always have a book going and keep a puzzle book or two handy as well.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.