Sunday, March 16, 2008


The Ides of March, a tough day for Julius Caesar but a pleasant one for Mick and me, offered us uncertain weather, chilly and rainy off and on. Mick spent the morning cleaning the kitchen and doing a long list of errands for Jim’s Lawn Service and the household. I distinguished myself by once again falling fast asleep at the computer.

After lunch, Mick did some maintenance, took a nap – on purpose – and watched some basketball while I dealt with some e-mail. I was tickled to receive a confirmation from Bill H that he is donating generously to L/L Research. It is wonderful to have such supportive people helping us!

The choices Neil and then Mick and I made, Neil warning us against teaching Confederation channeling and our then choosing to exclude him from our future Confederation channeling circle gatherings where we are teaching this very channeling, though fairly cut-and-dried from my point of view, have created a lot of e-mail! Everyone is supportive of our decision, seeing the logic of it, but no one wishes Neil to be lost from our little family. He is much loved. I wrote four different people from that Channeling Intensive group today, assuring them that we love and support Neil, and hope he will be with us at Homecoming next September.

Ian J called to chew over some matters to do with the Light/Lines Newsletter collection volume and to iquire about my health. It is always a pleasure to spend time with our worthy webmaster for I assured him I am writing the Introduction for that volume now - given that I manage to stay awake! Hopefully I shall come to that joyful task next Monday, or Tuesday if it takes me a day to recover from the heart catheterization Monday morning.

Mick and I enjoyed a bath and dinner together before we welcomed Romi, who came for the study and meditation meeting. Talk about a small meeting! We had the minimum number for channeling. Romi had come with a question about mixed-polarity contacts and Mick had also been wondering about the same issue, so that was our question for the session. I’ll be interested in reading it when I get the transcript to edit.

Romi made his Love Tea and we enjoyed seeing Pitt beat Georgetown while we conversed and shared company. We offered each other peace at the Gaia Meditation.