Friday, March 14, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick set out on a day of fence-building. I have no idea how he managed to accomplish this feat, but by evening the entire fence line at this 200-acre, 200-year-old farm was repaired!

Meanwhile I spent my day first reading through the last section of Chapter 11 and then reading through the entire chapter. I am almost completely satisfied with it and have sent it off to Steve M for his comments. Steve is a genius at helping me write more directly and sparely. For the beginning reader, the fewer words the better as long as the points discussed are given complete coverage.

It was a bonnie day, full of crocuses and songbirds, the temperature reaching 70 F. Our hawk family is nesting even closer to our home this year, a wonderful sign of blessing for us!

After our bath, Mick and I had a date, always a blessing for us both! Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia meditation tonight.