Thursday, March 06, 2008


The thermometer dropped into winter weather again! Thank heavens for the few days of thaw just past! Mick would not have been able to dig today, otherwise. After Morning Offering Mick went to the downtown home which he is landscaping and put in a good, full day there, putting in all the plantings which he and the realtor planned. The patio is still not off the table, apparently, despite the land for it’s being on a neighbor’s property.

Meanwhile I wrote my journals, having overslept badly this morning, and then worked on the healing section of Chapter 11. I ended the morning with a net gain of zero. I was so “off” today! I pray to get back in stride tomorrow.

In the afternoon I worked with Gary on tax preparation, combing through the 2007 records to record Schedule A deductions for the household. We got through Donations and got a good start on Medical.

I finished the afternoon by writing a needed letter to Neil C, a Channeling Intensive attendee. He has come to feel that I am on the wrong track and has asked Jim to ask me to change course and stop being a Confederation channeling teacher. I needed to let him know that this change would not occur, and that therefore he was not to attend any more Intensives.

Due to a ferocious tummy ache and a rib musculature sore from all the coughing, I had a tough evening and was very glad to come to the Gaia Meditation, at which I offered the closing prayer, and bedtime!