Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Our travel day back from Laughlin to Kentucky offered us wonderful weather, cool and windy and sunny, with a cloudless, blue sky. After Morning Offering I set about writing my last journals for this trip and then put my dear Jenny Traveller to bed for the journey home. Mick had begun packing things up yesterday, and completed the work after I had made my morning ablutions.

We dined one last time at the Outback Steak House, enjoying their good food before setting out in our rental car for the airport in Las Vegas. Jim had made sandwiches with the last of our food from the fridge and it was good to feel that we had used all of the food we had purchased at the grocery and not wasted a bit! We really were glad we had those sandwiches later, on the airplane. Southwest Airlines does give their passengers more than just the minimum bag of fake nuts one gets elsewhere, but it is not anything like a good meal. We enjoyed those sandwiches a lot!

The drive in to the airport went like a breeze. We turned our rental car in very smoothly and the flight also went well, although bad weather caused us to circle the airport for a half hour before being able to land in Louisville. It was wonderful to see Anchorage again, to enter Camelot at last and to greet our kitties. Pickwick alone was glad to see me! Both Chloe and Dan D. are still miffed that we left them. I hope they are over their snits by tomorrow!

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight. Then Jim spent a bit of time unpacking before we thankfully fell asleep in our very own beds. My last thought was, “Mission Accomplished”!