Thursday, February 28, 2008


After Morning Offering I napped all morning, even though I had enjoyed a very sound night’s sleep last night. Jim was actually up and dressed before he woke me, a complete turn-around to our usual routine.

Aaron came up for lunch and we enjoyed conversation and sandwiches from Mick’s store of groceries. Then I went back to bed except for an attempt to hear what Leo Sprinkle had to say, which was aborted as I had to get back to the room and take care of some I. C. symptoms. Jim, however, went back to his lecture and enjoyed the rest of it. And Leo has promised to introduce me tomorrow. I am so pleased! Leo and I met in 1975 making a UFO-related film, and I have thought so much of him, ever since.

Aaron brought up several books for me to sign during the afternoon. She has been such a huge help, spelling Mick at the vendor’s table!

We all took in the “Meet the Speakers” dinner tonight, offering the Gaia Meditation right at our table at the appropriate hour. Jim prayed at the end of this meditation tonight.