Wednesday, February 20, 2008


While the temperature plummeted again, after Morning Offering Mick continued to work to clear a customer’s ample estate of fallen storm debris. It must be a mess out there because there is still more to do tomorrow after three loads were hauled away!

Meanwhile, in the morning I edited the last two tape sides of a speech I gave at Mackinac Island’s L/L Research Gathering last August and got it all off to Ian to put up on site. I wanted to have that in place before the Laughlin trip, as the speech was on 2012 – what the Confederation has to say about that – and my speech at the UFO Congress will end on the same subject, so I will be referring interested listeners to those two earlier Mackinac Island speeches.

I went to Images to have my hair cut and lunched with Melissa while we had a planning meeting. When I came back, I worked on the PowerPoint presentation with Gary until bath time. We did a lot of tweaking! Gary will create a whole new script for Mick to use during the speech as he changes images for me. And I will add a sentence explaining that the last half of the PPP is a slide show. This will save the audience from trying to put the images together with what I am saying. We decided that since the latter half of the speech is all about the channeling work, a slide show would be more interesting than endless quotes from my speech on the screen.

Gary also produced placards for all of our products, with a little blurb on what each is, and the suggested donation. These will be set up on the vendor table we have been given.

And he printed out 12 copies of Don’s 25-page unfinished book on the Law of One. We will give that away for free.

I felt perfectly miserable all day and am praying that this is the critical day! Lord, let me turn this around tomorrow! However Gary is now completely well again, as is Mick. So obviously there’s lots of hope that this will be the case.

Romi visited tonight and we had a good conversation. He offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.