Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My day was dedicated to resting up from the weekend’s energy expenditures. After Morning Offering I had a nap for about three hours. I awoke to have some lunch and write my journals, plus a couple of notes to people who had called during the weekend to ask if we survived last week’s storms. Then it was back to bed for another three-hour nap. I was still tired after that, and dozed off and on through supper and some television shows.

Mick and I offered the Gaia Meditation prayer together, wishing each other peace in our hearts and peace in the world. Then we enjoyed a lovely date, ending the evening with beauty and the glory of infinite love brought down into human vessels. Perhaps by tomorrow I will feel rested again, aided by this energy exchange and all the rest today!

Mick got two loads of storm debris up to Avalon before the new storm broke, giving us three inches of snow, so far. It will be interesting to awaken tomorrow and see what the total fall is! This is our first decent snowfall of the season, and it is quite beautiful!