Monday, February 11, 2008


As the thermometer sank to single digits, in terms of wind chill factor, our participants stayed indoors and worked hard today, finishing up our first Channeling Intensive. We had a question and answer period this morning after Morning Offering and then a practice session, moving around the circle and passing the channel. People were improving quickly and I was happy that all of the focus and real effort of this weekend was paying off for the group.

After lunch we had a Q’uo session. I was a bit surprised that the group did not choose to ask questions directly concerning their channeling, but this is a serious group! They wanted to know what use channeling was, since the third density only had about five years to go. And they wanted to know what use third density is, since it seems like a prison we are trying to burst out of. If all we do here is try to get out of it, why have it at all? I look forward to editing the transcript and becoming fully aware of what the Q’uo group had to say in response!

By the time we finished the session it was time to get ready for our closing dinner at P. F. Chang’s China Bistro. After an initial delay of over half an hour, during which we found that despite our having reservations, the management had chosen to give our table to another group, I gently suggested to the manager that I was concerned for the older members of my group and was writing a letter to the Better Business Bureau in my head. This achieved immediate results. We got a table within ten minutes. They also pacified us with a generous gift of free lettuce wraps and spring rolls. I will not write the BBB, but L/L Research will never take another group there.

We had such a fine time there! And then we came back to the house and conversed for one last time before we had to go our several ways. The love in the group was palpable as well as spoken! The toast for the evening was, “To family.” I have never had a better group.

To be noted as particularly valuable as helpers were Tom C, who constantly watched out for the coffee pot, who got up every morning early and got out the breakfast offerings, and who had a shepherd’s instinct for finding the lost and errant members from time to time and Romi V, who valiantly manned the computer recording software and recorded all my talks. I know Gary felt he could not have done the work without Tom and Mike T, who came to Louisville two days early and helped Gary get the house ready for the crowd, arranging furniture and cooking themselves silly. Their efforts deserve a medal apiece! Kudos to you, gentlemen.

And kudos to every single participant. I was so impressed with their integrity, honesty and courage as they tackled a whole new art.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight. Afterwards, Gerri G was kind enough to give me a Reiki session while Leonard G toned. What a wonderful lift that was! Thank the Lord for every blessing and every kind and loving heart.