Sunday, February 10, 2008


While the weather began to move from balmy 50s to freezing 20s, Jim and I and all our houseful of participants in the first Channeling Intensive stayed inside, for the most part, and set our minds and hearts to working on learning to channel. After Morning Offering, the group gathered to hear me speak about psychic greeting and protection, how to build your inner workroom, and how to meet your guidance.

It was a day of intense concentration and struggle, and many had questions. We worked together to become ready to practice, first the tuning process, which we went through twice together, and then an actual practice session. I was very pleased with how well people did. There was a wide variation in terms of how well people recognized the contact of Laitos, who was the Confederation channeling teacher who came through for us, yet all hearts were willing and everyone was courageous and honest. I was well satisfied.

Jim has a strong feeling that we should not bring more people into this channeling circle, as I was intending to do, simply asking new participants to read through the material from this weekend after it is transcribed, edited and put up on site. He feels we need to keep this little band protected and work with them as a group. I acquiesced, although I do regret that those who have been on our waiting list cannot join us for the spring Intensive. He is right. Perhaps in two or three years, we can begin again with another group. But for now, we shall honor and protect the integrity of this one.

We lost the first hour of my discussion of tuning, due to software malfunction on the computer which was recording the words. I shall have to meet with Romi at some future date and go over this material again, re-creating this speech, so that our audio and written files of this event will be complete.

I found it very easy to take naps between sessions and probably slept three hours extra today. Nevertheless, I am beginning to be weary indeed, and feel fortunate that the last day of this well-named Channeling Intensive is tomorrow. I’m beat!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.