Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Snow had fallen; just enough to see on roofs and lawns and it was quite cold all day. After Morning Offering I started in again on the Laughlin speech, doing a good bit of organizing of already written material and then moving ahead. It is beginning to take shape in a way I like. I hope to get much further tomorrow, as the reorganization should hold. The remaining material concerns my own refinements on the art of channeling, so there is not the same painstaking care needed as was needed when presenting Elkins’ ideas. It should go faster.

I dropped Gary a note to let him know that Mick would call him sometime this afternoon, and also to ask him to send a reminder, to the couple involved in the Camelot Project, that I will be available for interviewing at the International UFO Congress for the entire week that the convention is held.

And I dropped Melissa a note to welcome her to her town chores – she planned to come down to Louisville today from Avalon Farm – and send her some information on raising llamas and alpacas. When she gets a fence built to hold the animals, we have some animals offered to us of both of those species! So she is researching how to care for them.

Mick and I shared the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

We’ll have to watch the weather reports carefully tomorrow! Once again, icing is threatening our route home through Missouri and Illinois. If things still look challenging along that route by late tomorrow afternoon, we’ll need to change our travel plans and take a northern route, staying on I-80 instead of heading south either at York or at Omaha.