Monday, January 28, 2008


This Sabbath Day was a near loss as far as working for L/L Research! My only work for L/L today, after Morning Offering, was to write Gary and rule on a question from Steve E as to whether we wanted to sell banner ads on I ruled no. We can sell other people’s items in our store, once we get the store fully operational, in our “Friends of L/L Research” section, but we need to choose our friends carefully. We do want an income stream! We need a better one. Yet above all we want to serve those who come our way, and those banner ads are a pain.

Other than that, my day was spent in dining well – we went to Grandpa’s Steak House for their buffet – and sleeping. I was totally knocked out and slept the whole afternoon away while Mick and Mom watched Tiger Woods play some good golf. I have no idea why I was so beat, as I had plenty of sleep last night! But it certainly felt good.

We enjoyed the remake of The Longest Yard with Mom after a light supper. Mick and I shared the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.