Tuesday, January 22, 2008


While the weather worsened I stayed in! After Morning Offering I finalized the section on Ritual in Chapter 11 and wrote the first draft of the section on Psychic Greeting. It’s not quite popping yet: I will revisit it tomorrow.

After lunch I worked my way through the introduction to TLOO, Book I, where Don talks about the channeling experiment at L/L Research. Then I began, and am probably all but through with, the material in Secrets of the UFO, harvesting the things the Elk said about the experiment therein. The only information I still have to capture after that, before I write my detailed discussion of the history of the channeling experiment in our group, is Don’s very short piece, intended as a new book but only containing a few pages, which he began shortly before he died in 1984.

I think for the speech as well as for the introduction to the Light/Lines collection, it is important to quote his intentions as he wrote them. It feels great to be able to represent him and share his work with the Laughlin UFO convention.

Speaking of which, you should come! It looks as though in addition to Mick and me, we will have Romi V and Neil C, both L/L Research members. Come join the L/L Research crowd! I think it will be a fun time as well as very interesting, with 40 speakers and a big honking film festival.

Throughout the day I was working intermittently with Ian to finalize the details on the “Origins of L/L Research” niche in our Library, and by the end of the day, Ian had it all in place! Kudos to our llresearch webmaster!! We’re still collecting the transcribed material from our faithful transcribers so not all the material is there yet, but there is plenty to chew on, and Ian arranged the information clearly. It’s swell to have this archive in place before Laughlin, for I will refer to it in my talk.

I was more than usually below par tonight and had to turn down a date with my baby. Crikey, what a loss! Hopefully, Mick will ask me again soon! Ah, well, with or without sexual energy exchanges, I think the two of us exchange huge amounts of energy just by being together. I feel extremely lucky to have such a wonderful companion for all my days and ways.

At the Gaia Meditation tonight, Mick offered the final prayer.