Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It snowed this morning, a beautiful snowfall that lasted only an hour or so and brought a skiff of white to the lawn while conveniently leaving the roadways clear. After Morning Offering I worked on the magical personality in Chapter 11 until lunchtime, not finishing the section, but making progress. I ended the morning doing a search for further quotes on this fascinating subject, as I want to get the nuances right.

After lunch I prepared for my counseling session with Mary L. When I felt prepared and tuned, I filled in the time by working on e-mail. I forwarded Barbara’s latest report on her A/Q editing and also her trip to Brazil to Judy R. I remade the lunch date Dianne S and I had cancelled for today, for next week. And I read an article by Elihu E, on politics and foreign affairs, which I thought excellent, so wrote to thank him for sharing it with me.

The counseling session went well, except that Mary had hoped that I could tell her what her soul purpose was, which I could not, as I am not a psychic, except for saying that all of us have one basic purpose in common: to be ourselves, and let the Creator’s love flow through us and out into the world. I need to go to my on-line discussion of how I counsel and strengthen the declaration that I am NOT a psychic.

In truth, I think it is harmful to a person’s progress as a seeker for someone to tell him what his purpose is. That should be part of the individual’s own discoveries as he goes.

However, she asked me about a good many other things she had on her mind, and I think we had a good session, all told.

I did a bit more reading in The Brown Notebook before bath time. and then drove Mick down to Roppel's where his ailing Dakota, Sybil, had been healed of her radiator woes.

During the evening, I finally began on my thank-you notes from Christmas. Mick was kind enough to set me up a little TV-tray table by my Mama chair downstairs so I have easy access to all my materials. I wrote the first six, feeling glad I’d made a dent in the project. People were very generous with me this year and I do have a good many notes to write! It is a blessing to say thank you. It feels so good!

I offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation. Then Mick and I spent some time shopping on line for needed additions to his wardrobe. With Laughlin coming up, and several parties there, Mick wants to have the appropriate clothing, and we found him three good party shirts, two pairs of pants and a nice pair of shoes which nicely “toe” the line between casual and dressy. That was pure fun! I love the International Male catalog for his wardrobe. It’s very gay, and one needs to avoid the more extreme fashions, but Mick’s gypsy dancer soul deserves a bit of pizzazz! He’ll look great!! His trim, lithe figure wears clothes very well.