Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Can we say “busy day”? Thank heavens that Mick and I had a very enlivening energy exchange, making love last night! It gave me a lot of good energy today.

After I made my prayer offering and wrote the Holly Journal and then the Camelot Journal, I opened my e-mail and found a query from Judy R about the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. I had told her that I would wait until she was almost finished with the final read-through before writing the Intro and other inner pages for the book. She asked what my timing was. I told her that whenever she was about a week away from finishing the read-through, I’d do the other writing.

I also gave her an idea about the Table of Contents. I suggested that, as she reads through each session, she jots down the subject covered. That way, when the reader comes to the TOC, he won’t see just “session 1”. He’ll see “session one, about fear and the spiritual life” or whatever.

After Morning Offering – Job is still wailing in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament we’ve cleared Galatians, a particularly unfortunate letter of Paul’s in which he is justifying and rationalizing to beat the band and we have been delivered to a much more inspiring letter to the Ephesians – I came upstairs for the morning's work. I split the too-long Chapter 9 into two chapters where it makes perfect sense to split it, and then read through both chapters to finalize them! Now that felt good!! I sent both chapters off to Steve M, who is so very good at pointing out ways I can make my language simpler. Now on to Chapter 11, which I swear is the next to last chapter.

I went on an errand run before going to my doctor’s appointment, giving blood for my monthly lab tests, finding a birthday card for Jim’s uncle, who is turning 80 soon, and a birthday card as well for my teacher, Papa. I also had a delicious burger at Frisch's and picked up groceries with which to create a new batch of turkey salad, as we have leftover turkey breast to use up.

The doctor, a specialist in neurology, paid no attention to my protests that I had not had a seizure in three years now, and no longer had the headaches associated with the aneurism she feels caused it, and scheduled me for another MRI in May.

I got home in time for a bath with Mick and then we greeted Romi and Susannah. Susannah had requested a personal channeling. Her main question was about the emotions of unworthiness and anger. It was an interesting session and I look forward to editing it and reading it through. I have the unworthiness myself, persisting even though I have been working with it for a solid four decades very consciously.

Afterwards, Susannah made a delicious pasta dinner the Italian way, and we were treated to Milano shrimp and squash with a cream and cheese sauce. It was absolutely delicious! Gary had come over to say goodbye to Susannah and joined us for the meal, and between us we ate every bit of her offering. Yum! She had cooked the shrimp in lemon, which added a piquant note to the blended tastes.

Jim and I prayed for peace together at the end of our very short Gaia Meditation, done in a brief pause while our guests were in the kitchen preparing the meal.

We have greatly enjoyed Susannah's visit and are as sorry as both Romi anad Susannah are that it now draws to a close. She is a very lovely and serious spiritual seeker and we cannot thank her enough for her tireless efforts to translate the Q'uo channelings into Italian.