Saturday, December 29, 2007


It was a rainy, gray day with temperatures hovering around 40 F. Nevertheless, out into it went Mick after Morning Offering. He spent all day cleaning leaves out of customers’ gutters and yards and making everything look pretty for holiday parties at their houses. He announced after his day’s work was finished that he had made a record income for 2007, which is a miracle, given the amount of draught and killing heat we had this season, both of which stopped grass growing for most of the summer. He attributes his success to the many extra chores he took on as handyman all year. Kudos, Mick! He is the hardest-working man in Christendom, I sometimes feel. Pete Rose, move over. it's Mickey Hustle all the way!

I was still feeling snowed under and worked to make a complete list of that which I need to do. That always makes me feel better, even if I am still behind. Hopefully in the next few days I can bat away at that list, and also spend part of each day writing on 101, which I have not done since before Christmas. It is an inconvenient failing of mine that I cannot work creatively when my office is in a mess.

Melissa came for the day and she and I went out to do errands, getting a nice frame for a print Dianne S. gave me, resupplying Camelot's kitchen with juice glasses, of which we have broken about a half dozen lately, picking up my cleaning and finding a replacement lap pillow for my Mama chair downstairs.

Melissa did a grand job of putting the print in the frame for me and rearranging the pictures, clock, framed poem and other items on our back living room wall to include it. She and I also ganged up and recovered the shoebox which Mick uses to collect his Jim's Lawn Service receipts with new, very resilient paper. It had begun to fall apart after six years of constant use.

With what was left of the afternoon, I made some needed doctor-appointment calls and then settled in to write the detailed description of my talk at the UFO Congress. Having done that and sent it off, I duplicated our L/L Research Annual Meeting agenda and the supporting financial reports and got things all ready for our meeting.

Morris H, our beloved vice-president and long-time friend, came for a visit, bringing pizza and lots of wonderful energy. We four had a good conversation over dinner and then we all got on the telephones for our conference-call meeting. All the reports were offered and our business was accomplished in record time and with lots of good feelings and affection on the line as well as the business of satisfying IRS requirements for non-profit organizations.

Mick offered the closing prayer after the Gaia Meditation tonight.