Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Mick and I made our Morning Offering and then he set out to devote most of his day to bagging leaves for a customer with a huge yard and a veritable forest in it. I began the editing on our November tenth channeling session and worked until I ran out of time and had to stop working in order to go to the hairdressers for a haircut.

After the hair appointment, Mick and I stopped by the Dodge dealers to pick up Mick’s truck, Sibyl Dakota, which was finally repaired – supposedly! However, on the way home, the truck's parking brake light came on, although the parking brake was not engaged. Then another trouble light came on. He called the dealer and they said, “Bring it back!” He made an appointment to do so tomorrow.

Hmpf! Some clever repairmen, eh? Creating their own work!

With the remainder of the afternoon, I reviewed the last section on meditation and approved it. Then I worked to finish the first draft of a section on prayer. I finished just as Mick called bath time.

Romi visited this evening and he and Gary joined us for the Gaia Meditation. Gary prayed the closing prayer.