Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The day dawned sunny and bright, a lovely change from this past week of pearly-gray skies and threatening weather. After Morning Offering, I worked to write my journals, as I had completely overslept and did not get to them before breakfast. I got them done and then addressed a continuing subject with Steve E concerning B4 by e-mail.

Steve has hoped to continue the live webcasts which Romi will wrap up this Christmas. I feel, on the other hand, that with BBS sending our channelings out each weekend on a permanent basis, that we are in good shape there. I hope that I responded to Steve without raining on his wonderful enthusiasm!

I had a date with Connie M. for lunch. She lives and works on the Indiana side of the Ohio River, so over the bridge I went and had just a wonderful girlfriend time with her, catching up. It is grand to see her thriving again after a very difficult few years working with her mother and her right livelihood. It became a toxic tangle, where she not only was superintending her mother’s vast apartment complex - a huge job - but also catching tons of flak from her Mom for perceived errors.

Now, that tangle has been unsnarled. The apartments have been sold. Connie no longer lives in proximity to her Mom, who continues in a harshly negative downward spiral in her own life. Connie has a new job and is beginning to see her life take good shape again. Praise the Lord!

I returned to Camelot and handed the Outback over to Mick, who hooked his trailer up to it and took the big crates for crystals down to Steve F’s in Shelbyville. He will be returning there on Wednesday and Thursday to help Steve get all loaded up for the drive to Colorado. Unfortunately, Mick’s truck, Sibyl, is still in the repair shop at the dealer’s, so we are still sharing Stanley.

For the rest of the day I worked on the book, reading over and changing a good bit of the section on meditation and really feeling good about that. It is a strong section. I believe I shall need to divide this chapter into two chapters, as I have much left to discuss and have over 20 pages already written. But that’s OK. I like having 11 chapters instead of 10. Eleven is a master number, after all. I did get a start on the section on prayer, but ran out of time and will need to take it up tomorrow afternoon.

For some reason, the cottage cheese I had for dinner tonight gave me a tummy ache extraordinaire, and I spent the remainder of the evening curled up in a ball of woe! Mick was very kind and I cannot say enough good things about how he strengthens and comforts me on a day-to-day basis.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.