Monday, December 10, 2007


One of the chief joys of today was following the weather news for areas through which we just traveled. Jim’s predictions were accurate, and only by leaving as we did in the middle of the night were we able to outrun that ice storm. It descended within a couple of hours of our leaving Boonville, Missouri and that whole area of Kansas, Missouri and Illinois is still receiving freezing rain. Traffic is at a standstill. Thank heavens for Mick’s good judgment! If not for that midnight run, we would still be in Boonville!

Our first act of the day was to roll over and sleep an extra hour! It was wonderful! When we finally arose and made our ablutions it was after ten in the morning! It may be the latest we ever arose! But after the challenges of the road in getting here, we were both exhausted.

As has been our happy habit lately, we watched three films today. We started with the remake of “Griffin and Phoenix”. The ’76 version, arguably the better of the two, starred Jill Clayburgh and Peter Falk. The 2006 version stars Amanda Peete and Dermot Mulrony. The sob story of two cancer patients falling in love has all the appeal of the ending of “Love Story” and was sweet to see.

Next came “Off the Map”, an engaging, slight story in which Sam Elliott played a victim of profound depression. His daughter, played as a child by Valentina de Angelis and as an adult by Amy Brenneman, loves and supports her Dad. Elliott does a fine job of portraying a man in misery.

And finally we enjoyed “Rescue Dawn”, a fairly grisly tale of being a POW in the Viet Nam war. After the requisite amount of violence and gore, the hero comes home to a grand welcome. The film had many moments of antic humor packed amidst the harsh realities of life in a prison camp.

In between, we both did some putting away of travel things and generally straightening up in order to be ready to return to our normal routine tomorrow.

My one piece of L/L Research business was to forward to Gary a request from Ian for more information on L/L’s PayPal account. Our B4 store is up and running, but we don’t have the site ready to launch yet, so PayPal is still needed.

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.