Sunday, December 09, 2007

2007-12-07 and 08

Our last day before coming home to Louisville was quite an adventure and indeed, it lasted two days. After Morning Offering on Friday, we packed up the car and took off amid swirling snow flakes, just barely starting to come down. That was the first bullet we dodged, as it snowed all day after that in Lexington, Nebraska.

Our strategy was to drive south at York, Nebraska, and pick up I-70 using a good state road with two lanes in either direction and divided. It worked well. We were in rain most of the way, but the temperature stayed above 32 F and there were no icy patches anywhere. We arrived at the Isle of Capri Hotel in good time, checked into our room and had baths. We offered the Gaia Meditation, with Mick praying at the end. After that, Mick started checking the weather reports for Missouri. Believe it or not, icy rain and freezing roads were predicted, starting perhaps as early as midnight.

I had just collapsed into bed in my nightgown when Mick suggested we pack up and keep driving east. It looked to him as though, if we cleared the Missouri/Illinois border and made it as far as the turn-off to Carbondale, we would be out of the freezing rain zone. So we piled back into Stanley Outback and drove another three and a half hours or so before finding a friendly Holiday Inn and finally making love, a great blessing as always, and then going to sleep at about 4 AM Saturday.

We rose around noon, had a light breakfast and were again on our way after a Morning Offering. The last leg was much easier, of course, since we had driven fully half the way through the night hours. I was totally dazed and was no help at all when we got back. I sat in my mama chair and received the pussy cats Mick and I had missed so much. Mick put our baggage away and we had a Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end.

We had a good time together with our unusual expotition despite the adventurous aspects of batting down the road fleeing an ice storm at 2 AM! There was a real feeling of regret that the time together was ending. What a blessing that we have a day off tomorrow to re-acclimate to the workaday world!