Saturday, December 01, 2007


What a gorgeous day we chose on which to travel! After Morning Offering I packed up Jenny Traveller while Mick loaded the car with the rest of our traps and then added the computer bag and the printer to our baggage. We patted the kitties one last time and we were off!

We always have a grand time traveling together on this twice-yearly jaunt out to see Mom McCarty. Today was no exception. We dwelled within an enchanted bubble of joy and peace and good conversation as we made our way west on I-64 to St. Louis and then on I-70 to Booneville, Missouri, where the Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel resides. There we stopped for the night.

We had a marvelous dinner at their steak house before coming back to our room for a perfectly delicious date. What is there about traveling that sparks red ray? As my brother Tommy said once, you can’t keep the little guy down on vacation! We had such a marvelous time!

The hotel has Wi-Fi, so I got Jenny T hooked up and checked the weather and lo, it is icing up all the way from here to Nebraska. We shall probably need to stay an extra day here and winter over while the weather ahead clears.

We both offered the prayer at the VERY short but sincere Gaia meditation tonight, sharing the word, “Peace”, during our dinner.