Thursday, November 22, 2007


The skies were lowering this morning but the yellow ginkgo leaves covering our lawn and the bright yellow poplar leaves still on the trees made the light seem golden today as Jim and I offered our Morning Offering. The day started with temperatures near 70 F and dropped all day as stormy weather blows in from the west-northwest.

After Morning Offering Mick set out to mow and mow he did, although he was mighty wet by the end of his working day! Meanwhile I spent my morning editing the October 6th channeling session, which Aaron T recently transcribed.

After lunch, I worked on Chapter 9 of 101, having more success by far on focusing today. I finalized the first three sections of the chapter and finished the writing on the fourth section. It is flowing well, praise the Lord!

Gary and I sat down at lunch to collaborate on the plans for our next gathering, which shall be a channeling intensive. February seems a long time away, but it’s quite close in terms of getting all things planned and in order by the time the event rolls around. He liked the curriculum’s timing – plenty of time for breaks and meals – and we finalized various details. He’ll get the announcement up as soon as he can on site. We only have about 8 chairs left unclaimed in our circle even at this early date, so we will hope and pray that we can accommodate everyone who wishes to come.

We also chewed over aspects of the B4 site. The final details of the on-line store will still take a while, although finally our secure-site preparations are complete. So Gary and I talked about the image to be used for the theme of the site. The current version of it is simplistic, and Gary had spoken to me about its being Nintendo, where most people are used to X-Box these days. So I suggested that, while we still have time before we can launch the site, we ask Michelle M if she would be willing to crank the image up to X-Box level. I just hope she has the time to do that right now!

Ian wrote me concerning my use of Emoto’s water crystal photos in the speech at Mackinac Island on “The Keys of Unknowing”, saying that he had read an article which debunked Emoto’s work as non-scientific in that he looked for photos which proved his point, which is not a part of the scientific method. I asked Ian to include a reference to that article in the footnote we already have in the speech giving Emoto’s web site.

I got an e-mail from Steve E, B4’s webmaster, saying that Romi had asked him not to open the chat room on the site until some things were worked out and so I wrote to Romi asking for some time to converse with him on that subject next Saturday. He wrote back with a cheerful OK almost immediately. I think he’s concerned to take off aspects of the chat room having to do with our webcasting of the meditations, which we are discontinuing as of Christmas. Since they are now broadcast on, the private webcasts are redundant.

Gerri G sent me her travel details. She will visit us over this next weekend with her husband, Leonard. They are moving to Louisville and Romi and I will take them around and show them some nice neighborhoods next Sunday.

I formalized a recipe for goosing packaged Stovetop Stuffing, so that Melissa can make it if I do not get to it tomorrow morning. She is coming bright and early to help prepare for our Thanksgiving feast. Yum!

We enjoyed a good conversation with Gary tonight and Mick offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation.