Saturday, November 17, 2007


After Morning Offering I worked on editing an Aaron/Q’uo session, the next-to-last in the seventh of the nine weekends of sessions. I rejoice to see that project moving along so steadily. I did not finish editing the session before I had to leave for lunch.

It was a real treat today to go to Crestwood for a luncheon at the Crestwood Civic Club with Dianne Stoess. We dined on great lady-food and it was all for a good cause. Then we stopped by the consignment store just a block or so down the street and I found some terrific duds for very little money, some long skirts and the long-sleeved tops which I enjoy wearing in the winter. It was great!

When I returned home, I finished the A/Q session. I was delighted to see that something Dianne and I had discussed turned up in the next page I edited. What a coincidence. Here is the selection:

(September 24, 1994)

Q’uo: “The seasons of the year have much in common with the seasons of an incarnation. The early creations of mind and brawn—will and steel and thought—are often used with most efficacy by the younger, less experienced entity who does not yet know that life is vain, work is empty and all is passing in an instant. Knowledge of this kind greatly cuts into that “eager beaver” mentality necessary for creating whatever dam or distortion might seem desirable.

In the summer of a life, the being expresses the epitomes of youth—the physical beauties, the keen sensing, the indefatigable energy, the beauty of form, the excellence of learning—like flowers. The summer’s children, embracing each other and life, create the seeds and in the blossom create the bait which catches the forces of procreation, inner creation and creation with others.

The prime of life is an autumn season where the entity reaps, harvests, winnows and then goes back to the threshing floor, seeking yet again until all has been harvested that was seeded in the youth of years, leaving the winter of life a seeming cold and undesirable time.

Yet to the mature entity this is the time of realized being, the time when the sense of proportion is most informed. It is the time when the most plain and skeletal truths may be seen, shared and preserved. The winter is the ripening of doing into being, the ripening of solitude into willingness to go in any direction in order to form bridges between the self and anyone who wishes to learn from and give to the entity. All of these seasons have their wisdom. They all have their drawbacks as well.”

After i finished with the editing, I worked on Chapter 9 of 101, finishing another section for the first time and going over the previous section until I was pleased. I think it will take only one more read-through for me to declare it finished. I felt very uplifted and inspirited, although physical woes continue. I think my sessions with Holly in the early morning are aiding my work and supporting me and I am so thankful!

Mick and I had a date after our bath and shared beautiful energy indeed. As I lay next to Mick after our love-making, I felt a heavy sweetness that poured from my very core and spread out throughout my body and I could feel myself literally glowing. I felt alert all night after that, unlike my usual habit of drowsing over dinner.

Mick offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation.