Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Our neighbor Mac C died today, suddenly, of a heart attack while playing tennis. He was Mick’s age, I think, just 60. It was a total surprise. He was in good health. I honor him today. He and his wife, Cecil, have been good neighbors and friends for 23 years. I remember the first year we lived here, Mac and Cecil came and got Mick and me and took us to our first Anchorfest, a local celebration of fall. They introduced us around and made us feel welcome. Mick and Mac have been professional colleagues ever since Mick took up gardening for others, for Mac was a builder and they often spoke concerning clients they had in common. Fare thee well, dear brother, as you enter larger life. We love you dearly.

After Morning Offering, Mick set out for a very full day, as the leaves are falling thickly now and he is crunching and bagging his heart out! I spent the morning hours getting all my materials ready for writing the Gatherings Newsletter. This will be our most generous edition ever, as there is so much to share.

After lunch, I spent the afternoon finishing my quotes database for Chapter 9, slotting in the last seven pages of violet-ray material from the Homecoming collection and then adding quotes from the October 27th session we just had from the Q’uo principle on the indigo and violet rays. I am now ready to write that chapter at last.

I continue to be unwell, with the left ear starting to close as well as the right. The challenge is to remember why I may be grateful and thankful to be alive rather than dwelling on my discomfort, which was pretty intense all day. Mac’s death is certainly a blunt instrument of a training aid in that wise! I may be unwell, but I can work on this book, get out the newsletter and continue to serve in whatever way spirit leads me.

The phrase from an anthem comes to me: “He hath done all things well.”