Saturday, November 03, 2007


The day dawned so beautifully! This is the very peak of the autumn colors, with a few trees still green, a few mostly fired up and finished and the vast bulk of trees and bushes in glorious flames and swathes of color.

After Morning Offering I had time only to write in my Camelot Journal before going to the Images Salon, where I was transformed into a red-head. I also had a facial to help my poor skin, which has been struggling under the weight of illness and medication. I emerged, four hours later, a newly revived Christmas elf, ready for not only the holidays but a determined attempt to maximize the work I can do while still in the midst of this ear ache and associated symptoms. Nothing lifts the morale like a new “do”! Yum!

The outing made me very weary, and other than stopping by LabCorp on the way home to give my blood for monthly tests, I let that be all I did today. I snoozed through most of the evening, rousing for dinner and the Gaia Meditation. Jim prayed a lovely prayer at the ending.

Indeed, we were in such perfect charity tonight that we spent considerable time just soaking it in, holding hands and being quiet together. We call it our bubble. The combined energy of the two of us makes a kind of bubble or energy field of joy, peace and power, irrespective of how the world wags or even our own state of health. What an incredible blessing!

Mick has completed 35 weeks of his 39-week mowing season now! He is elated that what he has left to do with almost all his customers is simply crunch their leaves as they fall and put their yards to bed for their winter’s sleep when all the leaf-fall is ended. It is a wonderful time of year for him, with the off-season coming, when he will be able to do chores around here that have been waiting all summer.

And he can be justly proud. He has had a record year for income in spite of the draught, which cut at least in half his opportunities to mow. It is his creativity in finding other work that has pulled him through.

The best moment tonight was when Mick decided to celebrate Friday night by dancing. He was splendid to see, graceful, powerful and expressive. I wish he had a wider audience. He is a dancer to his fingertips and a sacred agent of beauty.