Friday, November 02, 2007


Happy All-Saints Day (or All-Hallows Day, which is where Hallowe’en got its moniker! Other than keeping the Holly Journal and the Camelot Journal, doing Morning Offering and the Gaia Meditation, I did no L/L Research work today – sad but true.

I did go to the ear specialist, who said I have a dandy case of fluid on the ear. He says treating this is a slow process, short of surgery. He told me to keep taking the massive doses of Sudafed and gave me a cortisone nose spray, which he feels will probably eventually solve the problem, perhaps within two months. If it does not work after three months, he will do the minor surgery needed to pierce the ear drum and drain the fluid that way.

I was disappointed. I had hoped that there could be a decisive “cure” so that I could get my brain back to normal. No such luck! The doctor did validate my feeling of being small-brained because of this condition. He says it is entirely normal to experience wooziness, since my hearing is sharply impaired and the inflammation and pressure in my sinuses and adenoids changes the way I see and otherwise perceive, and also since everything I am taking to solve the problem is woozy-making stuff.

I have already been trying to work again, as I can, and I shall persevere. It is a good exercise in rightful work, where I enjoy what I can do and press on in joy regardless of how impaired my speed of working is, compared to normal.

Melissa came down from Avalon to do town chores, bringing with her a tale of our newest farm resident, a calf. Not all her efforts could persuade the animal, whom she christened Vinny, to stay on the Kidwell side of the fence. after five days of struggle, she gave in. Vinny has not been treated at all well. He is blind in one eye and it is possible that he was dumped off by a farmer who did not want to raise a calf that was damaged.

Vinny has taken to Melissa, sleeping outside the cabin at night and staying close in the near meadow, although there are no fences. In bio-dynamic systems a mammal is needed for balancing the farm, and I guess spirit sent Vinny to us. She has notified all the area vets that she has Vinny, but no one has claimed him. If it stays that way, we have acquired a steer! Thanks be to God.

Mick and I shared a most beautiful date together late in the evening and, earlier, welcomed Sandy S. for dinner and conversation. She is an old, old friend of Mick’s from college days. Her work has brought her here and may do so again. Sandy is wonderful company and we enjoyed her visit greatly. She and Mick had driven up to see Avalon while I was at the doctor’s.