Wednesday, October 31, 2007


With autumn’s golden sun pouring into the office, after Morning Offering I came upstairs. Illness continues to make me un-brained and very weary, but I felt the need to work as I could, and by the end of the day I had edited two Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues and the channeling session from September 22nd.

Before the Gaia Meditation, Gary, Jim and I sat down to reorganize the meetings schedule for the next twelve months. Gary simply cannot produce six meetings in that time and still keep up with other admin duties. We reorganized the schedule so that we will have three channeling intensives and the Homecoming on our plate, removing one Intensive and the Midwinter Gathering from our plate.

I was not graceful about doing this at first, but soon I could see that it was either cherish Gary and reduce the workload or work Gary to death and “have my way”. When I saw that, the decision became easy.

We offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end. Since Mick was as weary as was I, having power-seeded a big plot of lawn for a customer after removing ivy from it by pulling it out by the roots, we asked Romi to come over tomorrow instead of today, and went to bed early.