Saturday, October 27, 2007


After Morning Offering Mick and Gary set out on their full mowing schedule while I enjoyed a final day of complete rest. It was accompanied by the noise of heavy machinery as the water company paved the half of our street which they had excavated in order to lay the sewer pipes.

I enjoyed hunting around on the net to find the two items I wanted to buy Mick for his Christmas presents. Other than that, I read and played solitaire. It was a very gentle, quiet day and I appreciated the sunshine that has begun to reassert itself into our watery landscape.

I am puzzled by not having gotten better. Indeed, in some ways, and overall, I feel worse than when I first began taking doctor’s orders to rest for a time. I am still feverish and ear-achy, and other symptoms queue up behind. I usually heal up more quickly than this. I look forward to talking with the specialist next week.

Mick and I offered the Gaia Meditation, with Mick praying at the end, and we enjoyed a lovely date together before bedtime.