Friday, October 26, 2007


What a noisy old day! Huge machines lumbered up and down our little, four-home-long street, cleaning and smoothing. I think they are planning to repave the road tomorrow, for by their quitting time, our street was scrubbed clean as a whistle. That will be great! Since June we have endured rough roads and roadblocks everywhere, while the water company installs sewers. I do not think we can hook up to the sewers until the whole neighborhood project is done, but at least we will be able to drive better on our little street.

This is my next to last day of resting upon which I agreed with the doctor, and it concerns me that I feel just as muzzy-headed as ever. But I do have faith that things will work out, and I so look forward to getting back to work!

Other than ordering a few Christmas presents and writing Talitha L, I enjoyed a leisure day with solitaire, puzzles and reading. Mick and I offered the Morning Offering and the Gaia Meditation, with Gary praying at the end. Gary got the new issue of the Light/Lines Newsletter sent e-mail to our send list and printed out hard copies for our prisoners and others who do not use computers.

We took in some baseball, watching the Red Sox beat up on the Rockies, but not so soundly as last night. It may be a one-sided series. Perhaps the home advantage will help the Rockies in the next game. I know my brother Jim, who lives in Denver, is rooting for them.