Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I slept very little last night, being nearly unable to breathe, my throat having swollen closed. I gave up the attempt at 3:30, turned on the light and read “A Woman of Independent Means” and patted kitties until it was time to write my Camelot Journal entry for yesterday. Half the choir was absent yesterday at St. Luke’s, all having come down with the same respiratory bug, and I seem to have caught it also. What a stunning lack of originality!

After Morning Offering I found the last of the sessions from our sixth Aaron/Q’uo weekend in my Inbox from Judy R and took that on for the morning. At 11 AM Gary and I had an appointment to receive a call from Chee, in Singapore, and his co-website-founder, Lee. They have created www.cosmiclighthouse.com. We had a good conversation, arranging details of how they would use my work in their e-zine, both my articles and our channeling sessions. They seem like very service-to-others- oriented light beings. It was good to share energy by telephone, although normally I really dislike phones. They do come in handy when half a globe separates us.

I was delighted to have Mick’s company for lunch. He has a kind of lull this week, as the grass has gone on strike in the draught and the leaves have not yet started falling in such profusion that his customers want them mulched in on a weekly basis, and so his mowing duties are light this week, having been full last week. It does not help our exchequer, but I love having more of his company.

In the afternoon I worked on the second draft of my outline for Chapter 9 of 101, finalizing that. Next, I shall arrange the quotations database for that chapter so that as I get to each part of the chapter, the quotes that apply are all in one place for me to consider. It is mechanical work and a good thing for me to do while I am feeling distinctly slow-minded and slightly drugged, as fevers will do to me.

I had an unusual assignment from St. Luke’s and tackled that after I finished arranging Chapter 9 to my satisfaction: write a letter about how much I love St. Luke’s to three of my fellow parishioners. It was really fun, as I do love St. Luke’s dearly. They have welcomed me and made me feel as though I truly belonged to this community of worship in a way that is so full of spirit I cannot express it. It is a very special place, brimming with love and energy.

Ian had asked me to change the text a bit on our thank you page, because I repeat myself, explaining both in the donations and the volunteers sections that we did not go back beyond 2006, for fear of missing people – we did not used to have such good records here at L/L Research! Only since the advent of Gary and Pam have we been able to know just whom to thank! I, left to myself, am faulty as a record keeper. So I combined those two caveats for him. It is great to have that Thank You Page up there, so when one clicks on “So you want to help L/L” the first thing one gets is the thank you page, and only after that a list of things with which we need help.

I also fiddled with the text for the Operating Funds Campaign blurb, following Gary’s suggestion about our official address and adding a paragraph about the day-to-day work of L/L Research. It should be up on site soon.

I have an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow and look forward to feeling much more alert and with it soon! As for this evening, Mick and I spent it very quietly, enjoying dinner and a good conversation with Gary, the Gaia Meditation, with Gary praying at the end, and watching Jon Stewart and some episodes of Star Trek Enterprise which I had not seen before, which was kewl. Bedtime was 11 PM.