Monday, October 15, 2007


The beauty of the outside world today was a blessing indeed! Autumn is at its loveliest right now here in Kentucky and were it not for the continuing draught, it would be perfect. However the dusty truth is that the draught continues to deepen. My poor Mick comes home each working day so covered with dust that not only his cap and clothes are gray, but his hair and face also. He cleans his mowers after every job and changes the oil at least weekly to preserve the engines. These conditions are tough, and we are now officially in a state of emergency.

Fortunately, today was the Sabbath, and other than going to church and singing “Ave Verum” and Psalm 111, my responsibilities were few. I did write a bit of e-mail. Ian, our web guy, had our next Light/Lines Newsletter all ready to publish except for the title, and I suggested “Becoming a Magical Entity”. He liked that, and I expect the newsletter will be up on site tomorrow.

I finally heard from the International UFO Congress producers. I had not known that Terry Brown, the former co-producer with her husband, Bob, had died this last year after a bout with cancer. Nor had I known that all the addresses were changed. Because of these delays – I was writing wrong addresses for a couple of months – I may not get invited to speak this year. The speaking roster is full. However, I am now on a short list of people who can step in if someone does not choose to accept their invitation to speak.

They have not heard back from three speakers yet, so I have a shot. I know that if I am meant to speak this year, it will work out. I do hope I am allowed the chance to have a voice there, as I think the UFO research community is in a position to appreciate what I think are timely sentiments from me.

I also firmed up a date for lunch with Dianne S the day after she speaks with her husband’s doctor. Her husband's epileptic condition is worsening in some aspects and she rather urgently needs medical aid for him. He is now beyond being aware of just how much he has lost in terms of intellect and memory, so his best hope for a good life is Dianne’s continued devoted care for him.

Mick and I had a movie afternoon, as has been our wont recently. We enjoyed “Resistance”, with Bill Paxton and Julia Ormond. It was a slight film, yet well done and with its own integrity. The theme melody was reminiscent of "Godfather", haunting and sweet.

We next attempted to enjoy “The Galindez File”, but were so hampered by our lack of knowledge of Spanish that we gave up after about 45 minutes. There was English only sporadically, and there were no sub-titles to help us along. When I pulled out my book of crossword puzzles during yet another long spell of Spanish conversation combined with torture on-screen, Mick decided to take the film back to the store and get another film he had liked when he was choosing films there.

He came back with “Yellow”, another charming small film with excellent values in ensemble, cinematography and costume. It outshone its rather tepid screenplay and the Puerto Rican scenery was most eye-catching and colorful. Roselyn Sanchez was outstanding as a young dancer and Bill Duke gave a very interesting performance as an old and bewildered poet. The theme of the movie strikingly reminded me of “Flash Dance” two decades ago.

I was well enough when I awoke this morning, but as the day wore on my throat started closing and by bedtime I was concerned about breathing. I believe I am beginning some sort of flu or cold. I drowsed the evening away and we offered the Gaia Meditation with me barely there! The kitties outdid themselves in being affectionate and we had a sweet and quiet evening before seeking our beds at 11 PM.