Friday, October 05, 2007


As the day heated up to 90 F, Jim left after Morning Offering to dance with the garden devas while I came up to my bower office to finish editing the Homecoming meditation. That done, I dealt with some interesting e-mails.

One thread, which went back and forth due to Chee’s instant responses, had to do with a site in Singapore, Ian had been contacted by them, as they were interested in putting our work up on site. Ian wrote me and asked if I would be interested in that. I looked at the site and it is quite handsome and well thought out, which good materials. It is in English.

I wrote Chee and made contact. Chee immediately wrote back and asked if I could provide for them special channelings and articles. I suggested that he send us questions which we can answer in our regular group meetings and that he use my UPI articles, or ask me for articles on the subjects he wants covered and I will write them for him as well as UPI, thus keeping me from adding more work to my already packed schedule.

Then I took up Gary’s work on the Thank You page. We have decided to include on both sites (given that the B4 site is up soon) a page of gratitude for our donors and volunteers. I edited his lists and then wrote blurbs for them, and sent him the material. He will not be able to get to that until Monday, when he returns from his visit at the Omega Institute to see John of God.

I wrote Steve M to thank him for his report on the first meeting of the Chicago LOO Study Group, which is being held at the Theosophical Society. He will write up a formal report for the upcoming Gatherings Newsletter. The first meeting was small but enthusiastic and they are talking about coming to one of our channeling meditations later this fall.

Lastly, I worked with Melissa’s Avalon Report, answering her questions and forwarding the report to Mick for his perusal as well. She has now started the tractor! This means that she has devoured everything there is to know about that tractor, for our Mel is a mighty cautious woman, which is a true survival trait in the near-wilderness of Avalon Farm.

After a most pleasant lunch with the Mick Man, and our stretching exercises, I did some preliminary work setting up Chapter 9 of 101 and printing out and reading the collections of quotes on the indigo and violet rays. These two chakras are the subject of that chapter.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon clearing clutter from the office. Sticky notes disappeared, items were filed or moved where they should go and by bath time my office was tidy again, except for snail mail, which still sits in a growing pile on my desk.

At 7, Carol and Dean C came to take Romi and me out to eat at the Captain’s Quarters. We had a lovely visit. They were in town to do a workshop on polarity. Carol has worked with grants before, and Romi is the Board member responsible for seeking grant funding for L/L Research, so he picked her brains and she promised to send him more material as well. It was a fascinating and far-ranging conversation with two people who truly wish to serve and make a difference.

I read and did crossword puzzles after we returned, while Mick watched UK get beaten by the South Carolina Gamecocks. This will not be an NCAA year for undefeated teams!

We said goodnight at 11 PM.