Thursday, September 27, 2007


'And the days dwindle down to a precious few" in September! Time is fleeing away! After Morning Offering, Jim went to work in his Jim’s Lawn Service hat, improvising as he went to fill his non-mowing days with other work. He’s been extremely fortunate in having a steady stream of odd jobs all summer during this draught, which has slowed his normal mowing schedule by 50 to 75%. The mowing will pick up again as the leaves fall in earnest, though, since he clears leaves with his mulching blade on the big mower, unless a customer asks him to bag them. And those days are coming soon.

I spent the morning editing the next Aaron/Q’uo Dialogue, the third session of the sixth weekend. One more session and I shall be 2/3 through this editing job. It is fine material. I will be happy to see it get out there.

Jim came home for a very quick lunch, on his way to St. Luke’s for a planning meeting concerning their shrubbery. A couple of parishioners who really disliked the old hedge which separated the upper parking lot and the lower parking lot had taken it down, and that needs to be replaced with new bushes. Jim had prepared a bid on that job, but found out that they want a whole lot more. So he will re-make his bid, factoring in all the work in all the different places on St. Luke’s campus where the committee would like to see new growth.

Before I came upstairs I signed about a dozen thank you letters cum tax receipts for generous contributors to L/L Research, including one donation of $1500.00 from a couple in Holland! Donations have been up lately, and are so very much appreciated and needed.

After lunch I finalized all of Chapter 8 up to where I ended work Monday and struck out into new writing, having my first go at a couple of new sections. It feels great to have gotten past that block that so frustrated me last week. When my thinking cap got weary, I dropped back the gearing to e-mail setting.

I collected a recipe for chicken in orange sauce and sent that to Gary to include in the household’s recipes database.

I wrote Ian and Gary concerning protocol in aiding Mishlin D, who is translating The Law of One into French. It is now agreed that Gary will field the questions first and appeal to Ian and me when he is not sure of the response.

I thanked Elihu Edelson for sending me an article by Stuart Wilde. It was a dandy! I need to look him up on Google and see what else he has written! The essay was most inspiring.

I wrote Gary concerning our developing “Thank You” section. We shall soon have a section on our web site where we thank all our volunteers and contributors. It feels very good to give all of these loving souls acknowledgment and public credit.

And I responded to nine questions Development Committee member, Steve M, had concerning L/L Research’s financial situation.

I had gotten an e-mail from Bill H, the other Development Committee member, which asked me to call him, but I just missed him. I shall have to try again tomorrow.

Jim called bath time at that point, and after a lovely, long soak, we relaxed and watched Democracy Now and Star Gate SG-1 until Mick had to leave to pick up Sandy S, Jim’s old and valued friend from his college days, and I went to choir practice.

We are singing two services Sunday, the usual 11:00 AM choral Eucharist and a 3 PM memorial service for Harry Sladen, much beloved member of the choir for 40 years and a major player in many environments for many years all over town. That service will be packed!

The choir offered to help with the reception, so I got my marching orders to make a layered salad for the event. It’s a very tasty recipe and makes up quickly – you layer greens, herbs, onions, peas, bacon, Vegannaise and finally Parmesan cheese. The secret is to let it set overnight. The herbs marry and the whole salad tastes yummy.

It was lovely to get back home and visit with Sandy. I had never met her in the flesh before, just heard about her many adventures. She has sailed almost everywhere on the globe, crewing for friends. She reports that those days are over. These days she works on her house, being handy with a saw. She’s done most of the renovation work in her home herself, a very extensive job and on-going. I offered the Gaia Meditation very quietly in the midst of the conversation

We talked until late, so came upstairs directly to bed after Mick got back from returning her to her hotel, turning in at 11 PM.