Thursday, September 20, 2007


After Morning Offering, Jim went out into the 90-degree day to mow, water and garden while I came upstairs to my bower office to edit the channeling which Terry H had requested. It was a very sweet channeling, imbued with lots of love. Hatonn even came through, which is rare for the Q’uo.

I think Hatonn was especially present because of the fact that Terry’s group in Taiwan had, together, formed these questions. They seem to be an especially dedicated group which runs on love, and Hatonn is of that vibration. The questions were all over the place – why do the prayers for the Middle East not result in peace; do we have soul mates; what’s a lonely seeker to do. It is a good read. And the beautiful transcription by Jolyon was a pleasure to edit.

The whole day was blessed by an unending trek of huge earth movers up and down our tiny lane, only four houses long. The sewer builders from the power company are through with our street. Our pipes are laid and the personal hook-ups have been placed. However in our little village of Anchorage, nothing runs straight, except Hobbs Park Road. So when the workers need to get from Osage to Hazelwood Roads, they all come through here. I had hoped that we would now experience quieter days, but no such luck!

I sent Terry’s session off to the web site for placement by our inestimable web guy just as Mick came in for lunch. The timing was perfect! I greatly enjoyed dining with that gentleman! When he went back to work, I stopped by Gary's desk to sign thank-you letters, which also function as tax receipts, for people who had donated to L/L Research and responded to some questions which he had concerning various people’s concerns. I am always impressed at Gary’s organizational skills. We do a lot of business in a short time. He reports being almost caught up at the L/L Inbox already! Whew! Monday, he had close to 150 actual pieces of mail to come home to! That’s fast work.

I worked on Chapter 8, which is coming along nicely now. At the edges of the day, I did some e-mail, writing Pupie a thank you letter as she had sent me her very lovely stained glass hanging. It is a piece called “Illumination” and depicts a seated figure in the midst of a bank of flowers. When Mick has strung it with the proper chain, we will put it in my bower office, where I can see it every day.

Pupie had also written about our chickens, as she and her husband are bio-dynamic farmers, working and living on Britain’s Plaw Hatch Farm. She reports, in answer to my query, that chickens are bio-dynamic because of how they are raised and fed. I have passed this information on to Melissa and asked her to obtain the proper B-D preparations, which contain the proper essences for laying hens. I doubt we shall ever bring ourselves to use these chickens for meat. We shall go into the egg-selling business, I imagine.

I sent Gary a request to forward the UPI article on “Who Am I” to the Homecoming attendees whose words I used in that column, along with my thanks and praise.

I sent our web guy an announcement text so that he can put up an announcement on our archive site that the Book of Days is ready to send out.

And I wrote Lance White, the Zany Mystic, to thank him for doing such a great job of offering an introduction to my work on his BBS Radio site. I will have an interview with him at 6 PM on the 25th, I believe – that’s Pacific Time.

Mick and I then bathed and enjoyed Amy Goodman and Stargate SG-1 before I went to choir rehearsal at St. Luke’s. We’re practicing some lovely music! It will be a most enjoyable fall in the chancel, singing these sweet tunes. I came home to find that Jim and Gary had offered the Gaia Meditation already. So Mick and I enjoyed a light supper and then I had a date with Mick, my Prince! We let the kitties in after that and had a good snuggle before saying good night at 11:30.